Liberal Commentary On The Arrest of Adam Kokesh

It’s interesting to note that when liberal journalist David Gregory violated DC gun laws, nothing happened.

A few comments from the Washington Post article on the arrest of Kokesh:

Big_Daddy: All these fake patriots are just failed males who cannot get a woman with no education, lowly jobs and delusions of being some tough guy ‘sovereign citizen’. They always talk so tough posting videos on Youtube, then when their moment comes, when the OBAMATHUGS actually do show up at their door, what do they do?

They always fold like some little wussy boy.

IndyTrout: Find a way to take out or Sabotage every Gun-Punk you know. … Can you believe how these Gun-Punks squeal & squirm when you touch their ” Private Parts “.

Gun-Punks are Psychotics with ” Small Winkie Syndrome “.

SWB2: This explains the gun nuts’ psychotic hallucinations.

braultrl: Maybe Adam should go the full monty, change his name to David and call his pals The Ne Branch Davidians….Manifest Destiny will do the rest…

delunser: Wow, an NRA bootlicker tripping on shrooms boggles the imagination. Hide the women and children.

EqualityBadger: Kokesh filmed himself violating the laws and posted it on the net. He’s an arrogant idiot who deserves whatever he gets.

vavoter45: Seriously, you guys really need to stop with the whining and the poor gun owner card.

pierrejc2: So gun nuts are drug-dealing scum.

Good to know.

JusticeMain: Kokesh is just another common, gun-loving thug….

jack824: Conservatives seem to believe that the Constitution was written to grant Americans the right to act like sociopathic 5 year olds…This is what passes for conservative today. An endless victim’s grievances unbalanced by any sense of functioning responsibly in society.

wren_57: Why do right wingers hate what America stands for?

Chords: It’s just temper tantrums because of President McBlackistan.

Crickey7: Bad month for libertarians. Snowden turns out to be a pathetic traitor after all, and Kokesh a druggie.

monongahela79: Gun nuts should stay in Herndon or whichever craphole they call home and load their rifles. People who actually live in DC would rather not have loons loading guns in our parks.

Partytime: A coke head with a gun. He needs to be off the streets.

dr. quest: This young man is passionate, misguided, brainwashed by cowards with guns.  But he is salvageable

There’s thousands of comments on numerous sites over this issue.  I just cherry picked a few of the more ridiculous ones.

Regardless of what you think about Kokesh, the bottom line is that this was a political hit, utilizing an orchestrated display of military force, in order to suppress and deter future opposition to the state.

Armored vehicles, helicopters, teams of heavily armed men with automatic weapons, all over some guy posting a YouTube video of himself loading a shotgun. That kind of response is beyond outrageous.  It’s also telling that media trucks were on the scene at the same time the raid was conducted.  The state wanted to make sure the public got the message it was sending loud and clear – if you display any kind of resistance, you will be attacked with the full military might of the state.

Infowars reports that Kokesh’s supporters are urging people call the US Parks Police non-emergency number at (202) 619 7105 to demand Adam’s release “and that charges be placed on the individuals that committed a B&E, vandalism, destruction of property, theft, and kidnapped Adam at our home.”