The Daily Bell Closes Up Shop

Well, this just came out of the clear blue.  I don’t recall seeing anything about this until today.

The Daily Bell’s Anthony Wile posts:

Well, it has been a great ride. Much has been accomplished at The Daily Bell and I, as founder and chief editor, have decided it is time to allow The Daily Bell to stand as is, as a historical testimony describing our current troubled and exciting times.

Content on shall remain available as an educational and research tool. I and all the elves are humbled by what we have been able to contribute during this Internet Era, surely one of humanity’s most significant epochs.

A banner at the top of the site says,

Effective 16 July 2013 The Daily Bell has ceased publishing new material. It will remain online as an archived educational resource. The editors wish to thank Daily Bell readers and members for previous participation.

Just a few days ago, Wile was talking about the Bell “getting better. And bigger.” So I’m not sure how they plan on doing that without adding new content.  Something catastrophic must have unfolded behind the scenes.

  • Jonathan Jaech

    Yes the shut off was quite abrupt. Hopefully the publishers are working on something bigger and better, but I have no idea.

    • laura m.

      I’m suprised more libertarian and patriot websites haven’t shut down in the past few years as America is sliding into the abyss, as no results have been seen in decades as we move toward fascism, even though patriots are informing and educating others, apparently to no avail.

  • Nikolai Lee

    This is disquieting news indeed, particularly as there was no advance warning. My overwhelming instinct is that someone has silenced him. The Daily Bell will be very much missed as a voice of sanity in an otherwise mad world.