Fascinating Discussion of Cell Membranes As Liquid Crystal Computers

Tom Campbell, physicist (formerly with NASA), and Bruce Lipton, biologist (author of The Biology of Belief),  present a wonderful discussion on the nature of cellular biology and its relationship to consciousness and quantum mechanics.  They propose the theory of a digital reality, rather than a continuous reality, as an explanation for time and movement, as well as discussing the role of DNA and cellular response to the environment.

One interesting fact they talk about is that genetically identical cells left in a petri dish to replicate will take on different structures depending on the environment of the petri dish setup by the researcher.  So cells with the same DNA can end up producing bone, muscle or skin based on the environment they replicate in.  Bruce talks about the implications of this, which are really rather profound.

If you’re not familiar with the liquid crystal properties of water, you might want to check out this lecture by Gerald Pollack first.  Everything neatly ties together.

  • Jonathan Jaech

    This is interesting – I listened to the entire 1:42 and sympathize with the view that evolution of consciousness and love are key to human survival. However, the learned professors put forth no particular political philosophy as furthering such evolution and love, leaving us to wonder . . . Dr. Lipton hints at a statist solution and both deprecate “competition” and “individualism.” Would their “Eden” be ruled by “wise” elites attempting to control voluntary exchanges between individuals? Their philosophy seems capable of justifying a soft Orwellian society ruled by elites as much if not more than a free, self-organizing society under a rule of law respecting the sanctity of the individual. Every totalitarian society claims its brutal enforcement is merely the operation of communal love excising social cancers.

    • Yeah, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.

      Ignore the politics and focus on the science.

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