There Is No Political Solution

In the end, there are only technological solutions.

That means you don’t have to worry about politics as long as technology keeps progressing.

Politics is a problem.  Technology finds ways of eliminating problems.. ALL problems.

Got a problem moving things? Man invents the wheel.  Got a problem adding things?  Man invents the calculator.  Got a problem with people forming violent groups in order to seize each other’s property for their own ends?  Man invents….(still working on the problem.)

Technology can come in many different forms, it doesn’t necessarily have to be software and hardware.  It can be ways of behavior, such as psychology methodologies, or machinery, such as a free energy source, or any other new manifestation of human invention. What we can see today is that the problem of violent looting remains to be solved.

I bet a few of you are thinking “guns” or “nuclear missiles” can solve the problem of violent looting.  Obviously that’s not the case, since it is still going on.  However, nuclear missiles did solve the problem of  large states going to war with each other.  The technology that ultimately solves the looting problem is going to be much more refined than a .50 cal.

The point is, technology will eventually find a way to fix the problem of politics.  People in the 15th century could not have envisioned the cell phones we have today.  And today, we cannot yet envision a technological solution to the problem of politics, but trust me, its out there.  At some point, some guy in his garage is going to step outside make the IRS vanish into thin air.

So don’t worry, be happy.

  • Jamie

    What religion is this? “Progress Saves”? You might be on target if you wrote that “technology has a way of CHANGING problems.. All problems.”

    • I think technology will be able to come up with a solution to every physical problem. Our science isn’t that much progressed from the time of the cavemen. Just two hundred years ago the primary mode of transportation was the horse. We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what is possible yet.

  • Agree. Coercion is the #1 social problem worldwide. That can be solved – at the very least mitigated – with new tools. The Contractual Republics I talk about are a technological tool of massively networked property protection. An anti-coercion technology that builds Freedom. When all property is protected, Freedom will exist. It is a technological – not political – matter.

  • binra

    Technology is appropriate to solve a purely mechanical need, but at its deepest level, technology – in the sense of the attempt to leverage outcomes iS the problem that true politics will solve. The root of technology is the attempt to solve the problem of the split-self by displacing it to the world and solving it there – where it cannot BE solved, but only redistributed to different forms of the same problem.

    So the problem of a lack of identity sets the mind in a search to become something and validate himself/herself. But the lack of identity is the result of passing through the veil of ignorance into the realm of judgement – the realm of divide and rule.

    Of course politics in its true form is the means or way of organizing societal relations, and has not been allowed to occur except in rare exceptions because the mentality of the technologist has overridden the natural processes of communication; of listening and speaking together.

    The technologist is seeking to understand ONLY in order to control, and its mind is reduced or compelled to a mechanism that of course sees all things as mechanism. It is utterly blind to the unifying nature of love, excepting to perceive itself threatened by it and therefore it defends against the receptivity of an undefended listening – which would simply see and recognize instead of interpreting all things in terms of war.

    The technologist in true resolution, is the desire to serve the benefit of all. This is the politics of love. Such intentions are pretended to in order to mask the hidden agenda of self-seeking, which actively denies what it regards as counter to its special interests and seeks to impose its solutions without regard for the well being of others.

    I’ve used the technologist as the ‘ego’ and politics as the awakened relations of a genuinely shared and cooperative existence.
    Of course there are technological aspects of the expansion of Consciousness and there are all too many instances of politics being subverted to an imposition of control.
    Current political reality uses the technologies that exploit self interest and suppresses those that would share well-being. The answer to such a block to true communication is in Consciousness – a state of true communication within oneself that serves as a basis for a new life-expression. One that our ideals sought to anticipate, and yet which arrives not via the assertion of will in action and reaction, but through the acceptance/expression of the conscious appreciation and honouring of being.
    The slave mentality of the article offers no hint of the power of love or freedom and merely represents a programmed mindset in which everyone and everything else, is expected and required to behave or conform to rational predictions or expectations!

  • Christian

    Love is the solution to politics. Nobody has to send their fellow man to jail because of an unconstitutional law passed by a politician. Jury nullification needs to be in everyone’s minds if they want to be free.

  • Michie TN

    I think what Michael S is implying is a new technology that solves the problem of “violent groups trying to seize each other’s property” better than the old technology that solves this problem: violence.
    I suspect what we are looking for is some new kind of segregation that prevents the violence as well as other interactions that allow coveting the neighbor’s property.
    That’s it … separate the conflicting interests.

  • Louise

    One word: Fukushima. And if technology is supposed to fix that, it had better hurry.

    Oh, wait, I have two more words: Louisiana Sinkhole. In the words of an environmental scientist, “We have asked every expert in the world how to fix it and no one knows.”