You are The God

In this article, I’m going to propose some radical logic.  I’ve found that trying to write this logic out in such a way as to get others to understand the meaning behind it is an incredibly difficult challenge.  I welcome any criticism of the logic I put forth here, as it will help me to refine my explanation of it.

Imagine an all powerful, omnipotent and omniscient being.  No matter what form your imagination may chose to give this entity, you will share one thing in common with it.  The one thing you would share with this God is the awareness of your own being.

It is logically impossible for science to ever arrive at a physical explanation for how you can be aware of your own existence.  No matter what physical theories are proposed, no amount of physics can codify what it means to be aware.  Awareness is a spiritual phenomena that cannot be articulated in mathematical equations.  Just try to imagine a physics equation that explains how you can have experience.  It is impossible to even imagine such an equation.

Scientists can provide very detailed physical explanations for what happens to the biochemical processes in your brain when you undergo the feeling of pain or pleasure, but it is impossible for science to explain how those biochemical processes allow you to be aware of their chemical effects.  In other words, biochemical processes can cause the experience of pain to manifest, but they cannot cause the awareness of that pain.

Awareness is the enigma in the universe that gives the whole game away.  Consider that if there was no awareness in the universe, it would be a place without meaning.  In fact, it wouldn’t even be a place at all.  Awareness is fundamentally necessary for the universe to have any meaning.  Only awareness can give meaning to the universe. The great question is, what is the meaning that awareness provides?  Why does awareness exist and for what purpose?  Why should the universe have creatures inhabiting it that are aware of themselves at all?

It is interesting to note that you can only be aware in the present moment.  Even if you are contemplating past and future events, that contemplation can only take place in the present moment.  In this sense, awareness has an aspect of timelessness to it.

Imagine a timeless void in which an entity of conscious awareness exists.  It is impossible to even conceive of such a state, because in order for something to be aware, there must be a “something” there to be aware of.  It is impossible for total emptiness to ever become anything without awareness existing.

If you believe in the Big Bang, then the question arise as to what existed before the Big Bang.  And if you believe in multiple universes existing in different dimensions prior to the Big Bang, then the question arises as to what existed before that, and so on and so forth.  In the beginning, no matter which way you slice it, there must have been some point at which there was nothing.

Since we know it is impossible for nothing to ever become something, this leaves us with an impossible paradox that can only be resolved through the addition of a timeless conscious awareness.  This enigma of awareness is the Divine. If we postulate that awareness in a timeless void must have existed prior to matter existing, we have just postulated the existence of a God.  Quantum mechanical experiments, such as the double slit and quantum eraser experiments, support this position.

Try to imagine what it would be like to become aware in a timeless void.  Imagine what it would be like to be God in that void.  In order for an awareness to exist, a few things must be true.  The instant awareness exists, a polarity of emotions exists.  The instant awareness exists, knowledge exists.  In every moment that passes, your awareness is gaining in knowledge.

Awareness requires a differentiation of emotions in order for it to comprehend that it is aware at all.  If there is no differentiation of emotions, it is impossible for any comprehension of emotion to exist at all.  Love can only be understood by a conscious awareness when it is contrasted with its polar opposite, fear.  Without this polarity, it would be impossible to comprehend either emotion.  While it may be possible to experience a single emotion in a timeless void, it is not possible to comprehend the meaning of that emotion without its opposite also existing.  This necessity of a polarity existing remains true for everything that our conscious awareness is able to experience, both physically and emotionally.

The question then becomes, how does this conscious awareness begin to understand itself?  If all that exists is awareness, then it is impossible for that awareness to have any understanding of its own existence.  Some “thing” must be present for conscious awareness to know that it is aware at all.  Awareness must create a universe in which it can begin to understand its own existence.  It must create a universe of polarities, a here and a there, a then and a now, which it can then use to learn and understand what it even means to be aware.

Consider that if all there is is love, there is no possibility of understanding what that even means.  Love would become a meaningless emotion.  Physicality has to be there to give meaning to it.  The physical universe is what provides the meaning to love.

The mystics often claim that God is love.  This seems to be born out by the logic of a timeless awareness existing prior to the creation of the universe(s).  Fear is a destructive emotion, while love is a creative and cooperative force.  If an awareness was to exist that only experienced fear in a timeless state, nothing could ever come into being.  There is no reason for a Divine consciousness to understand fear unless it does so out of a desire to better understand love.

It seems unlikely that a Consciousness would desire to exist in a timeless and perpetual state of fear.  Any rational consciousness would desire to maximize its experience of love while trying to minimize its experience of fear.  However, it would still desire to experience some fear, because without that, it could not understand what the meaning of love is at all.

This scenario sets the stage for the creation of the physical universe.  Any rational God would limit its experience of fear to a finite experience.  A finite experience requires the existence of time.  The existence of time requires physicality.  The God awareness must understand fear in order to understand love.

Human judgments about good and bad, right and wrong, are what make up the fear part of God’s understanding of love.  The judgments we make are what makes fear possible in this world.  If we never judged a situation to be bad, there could be no fear.  Try to imagine a situation where fear can exist if there is no judgement about good or bad.

Your human experience is what makes you uniquely God.  Animals don’t experience fear the way we do because they have no real concept of past and future.  Your ability to conceptualize a past and future is a prerequisite to being able to make a judgement about anything.  The act of judging something to be bad is where all the fear comes from in this universe.

Now fear is confined to this plane of existence.  God is here understanding fear now, so that God may then better understand love in the future. God is here doing the judging right now.  Today is judgement day.  You are the judge.  You are the fear creator.  Your ego is the judge that makes fear possible, which is what makes God’s understanding of love possible.  You are the only way God can understand love.  The ego is necessary.  If there were no egos in existence, God could not understand the meaning of love.

The act of judging means God has learned more about love and fear.  Every time you make a judgement, you are increasing God’s understanding of love.  The universe will keep evolving until love is fully understood.  You, as the God head, will continue existing now and then.  You will continue to create a now and then until a total understanding of love has been achieved.

You are God.  You are God undergoing experience in an ego driven physical body in order to better understand the meaning of love.  You have separated your being into separate entities of awareness so that you can undergo experiences of love and fear within a limited physical existence.  Each individual experience is then added to the total knowledge of God.

At the time of your death, you will return to the place where all knowledge resides.  You will contemplate what  you have learned about love from this experience.  You may chose to stay in that state of timelessness or you may chose to learn more about the meaning of love by incarnating as different individual undergoing a different set of life experiences.

During this lifetime, it is unlikely you will allow your ego here to fully accept this process of learning as being the reason for your own existence.  To do so would give the game away and interrupt the process of learning that you came here to accomplish.

  • Seamus

    • hhahahahhaah I love it.

      • Edgecrush3r

        Have you ever read Robert A Monroe’s books? They go deep into this stuff. And that video was hilarious.

        • I haven’t, but I’m familiar with him all the same.

          • Edgecrush3r

            You should. it would benefit you greatly. It has helped me. Your line of thinking is totally on the right track.

      • Armer Wayck

        You are correct in stating that
        we are all God, because we share awareness or consciousness. You make the
        important point that this consciousness exists in the ‘Now’ and is neither a ‘was’
        or a ‘to be’. The books of Eckhart Tolle are valuable explorations of this fact.
        This is, in fact, a definition of eternity. Eternity is a place of no time , not lots and lots of time. We, who could be regarded as emanations of
        the consciousness of God are eternal. We exist outside the bounds of space and
        time. Indeed, as physicists have been saying for more than 100 years time and
        space are not absolutes, but are malleable entities, which both disappear at
        the speed of light. Immanuel Kant a couple of hundred years ago put forward the
        same point about the impossibility of capturing reality. Mystics have been
        saying this for even longer, with the prime flowering of this being seen in the
        medieval monastaries.

        This makes your contention that
        God is learning to love through the fear to be found in spacetime rather
        tenuous. (If I have understood you correctly). We/God being eternal always know
        all that is known – living in the eternal now. There are no experiences to
        undergo – We/God do not move through time. There is nothing to experience or to

        The puzzle is why the spacetime-bound
        consciousness is having these visions. What is the point? After all, ‘Matter’
        (our sense organs) is no more than a potential ‘thing’ in the form of standing
        and propagating waves of energy – which also exists outside the spacetime

  • Frank

    “You are doing the Lord’s work,” Mr. Suede. Thank you.

  • Semi-Aquatic Anthropoids

    Someones has been taking mushrooms…. it’s a good thing!

  • Sümer Kolçak

    Science tells us that without being in motion.. things will disappear to void.. and yet.. when it tries to define awareness.. it makes the assumption that the object is not in motion.. science is not science if it tries to say things that exist are not in motion and then try to find an equation based on that. The very fact that an equation is created to define something.. causes there to be a feeling in the void which warns obhects about future posdible events. Objects alter location .. attempt to define awareness fails due to intent that is considered not logical ir rational.

  • Sümer Kolçak

    The problem here is “intent”.. intent has to be rational or else.. void shows off it’s skills and says your intent is impossible. You can be a scientist but intent matters.. void in a automatic way perhaps.. blocks the future if intent is not complaint with logic and rationale that is present .

  • Sümer Kolçak

    You drink milk but you hate cows.. if you do not know how to create your own milk to drink without cows.. your intent is not logical or rational.. void gives you hell until you figure a way to create your own milk …