Female Veteran Violently Arrested By Feds At Syria Protest

Mikael Thalen
Sept. 3, 2013

A military veteran was arrested by Federal Parks Police in Philadelphia Friday for allegedly playing a banjo in the wrong place during a “No War With Syria” rally.

While performing to fellow protesters under a tree at Independence Mall, Emily Yates, an Iraq combat veteran and organizer with Iraq Veterans Against the War, was approached by several parks police officers and told to leave the area immediately. Yates, confused by the request, repeatedly attempted to engage the officers as to why she was being asked to leave. The officers felt that Yates wasn’t entitled to a response and answered her with a violent arrest instead.

See the video below:

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  • Tom

    She must have been a dangerous RACIST. You know… anyone who disagrees with Obama’s decisions and policies does so simply because they don’t like the color of his skin. Or so the liberal-progressive story goes.

  • matt dickinson

    Don’t they have anything better to do?

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