FEMA Preparing For Disaster By October 1st

Interesting video.

I’m not sure how legit all the claims made are, but it is interesting to note that this video was published August 18th, which is before the Syria fiasco.  Syria went ape shit on August 21st with the gas attacks.  When you take this video in conjunction with the gas attacks and the reports of undocumented nuclear weapons movement

How much do you want to bet we see a major “terrorist” attack occur the first week of October?  Either that, or they are going to blow Syria up on the first week of October and are planning for retaliatory strikes.

October 1st is the beginning of the federal fiscal year.  It could also be that the state is trying to ram all of this spending in before the end of the fiscal year.

The national debt has been frozen for a while now and the money printers are running out of tricks to hide their fraud from the world.  I think they are going to do something incredibly stupid as a last ditch effort to keep control over their dying empire.


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  • Richard Gumpert

    As to part 1: Police officers wearing full riot gear, including. gasp, flak jackets, immediately following a bombing!?!?! My God, how horrifying! Pfft, whole video is silly.
    Oh, but wait!! Part 2 is a MAJOR scoop! Two Washington “insiders” who would “obviously” know more about provisions of Obamacare more than anybody else!! So it must be true right? Hmm, so Kent Brown, a self-proclaimed constitutional lawyer trying to raise his national profile, who has spoken out against Obamacare repeatedly, and who is NOT a government employee says Obamacare will enforce “forced home inspections!” Sound the alarm! But wait, hes talking to a no name republican CANDIDATE (not elected official) (and I am ASSUMING the video is talking about Richard Quin Edmonson “Quin” Hillyer, b/c I couldn’t find any other (R) politician sporting that some name) from Alabama, who seems to maybe agree with him, because Mr. Quin is just out there speaking the “truth!” Hes not motivated by partisan politics at all! And the fact that hes nor even a govt. official who would have no idea what he is talking about? By the well, the speaker at this part of the video merely says he has “heard about” the upcoming forced inspection, so he is operating on rumor, with no solid evidence backing his claim. Oh well, who cares, you guys should run with this story for page views anyway, cuz’ this isn’t sensationalistic journalism (for the sake of generating page views) at all.

  • Richard Gumpert

    Part 3, we have a document which purpotedly shows the U.S. purchasing 2 million non standard rounds! (Because if anything constitutes a govt. intent to control our populace by means of force than an ammunition purchase order of ammunition that would ammount to .a) 5% of the population of this country, b) has absolutely no link to any plans to be used on the american populace, and, c) ammo and guns being purchased by Russian troops (seriously, think about that for a sec. Do you really think the US govt. with a defense budget in the multi hundreds of billions a year would outsource domestic populace control by outsourcing the duty to Russia, a country who is at best a tenuous ally, and at worst, a legit threat to our nation) because, our country NEVER sells arms to other militaries around the world. Again, pfft, this is such a stretch to prove a point thats doubtful from the get-go);

  • Richard Gumpert

    Part four: THe meat of the video, was prepared by FORMER, STATE senator (nopt national) Rep. Sheldon R. Songstad. How qualified is a former state senator to speak on a matter of national importance, outside of his own region? Source: Major Disaster in FEMA Region III: Fact or Elaborate Hoax?, by Janelle Vaesa, Decoded Science, Sept. 18, 2013, site address: http://www.decodedscience.com/major-disaster-fema-region-iii-fact-elaborate-hoax/36968. From that same article, one learns that Rep. Songstad was not even the source of the alleged facts, it was posted by an anonymous internet poster, and reposted in an email by Songstad. For the media to run with a story, they need twqo credible sources, here there is not even one credible source. That is why it is only fringe, “new media” running with that story. Irresponsible journalism with the sole objective of generating page views.

  • Richard Gumpert

    Listen, I am a moderate republican, which in this day and age is the same as being a libertarian. Like most true repiublicans, I believe in fiscal responsibility, limited government, and I am left leaning on social issues, believing in personal freedoms. I am ashamed to see a libertarian publication being irresponsible enough to run with this fear-mongering story, which essentially pandewrs to the tin-foil wearing radicalized tea-party member who has coopted that once great movement. I am against Obama-Care, however, I am against it because govt has no business mandating that citizens must have health care. NOT because I believe the ridiculous assertions about the bill (i.e. death panels, forced vaccinations, corona virus, forced home inspections, FEMA death camps, etc.) FOcusing on these fringe conspiracy theories takes away from an honest debate about the real issues of Obama care. Libertarian news, you should be ashamed as a libertarian publication yo tun with this story

  • Amercan111

    Idiots: Oct. 1st is the end of 2013 fiscal budget. These agencies have to spend all the money or they lose it and cannot right the full amount request for 2014. I used to sell to the gov. Stop with this nonsense.

    • Yep, you’re right. And I agree, that’s probably the reason for the deadline.

      I can’t see how we are all a bunch of idiots for not knowing that though.

      • Amercan111

        Sorry–bit harsh,see my comment above.

    • Amercan111

      Sorry–I was harsh. But this nonsense comes out same time every year…now you know why. I’m not saying the gov. isn’t up to nefarious stuff…but the spending issue is now somewhat explained. Every year the gov.agencies have to spend their stipend/grants, etc. or those funds are lost and cannot be written into next years forecast for money. So what do they do? Spend lots of it Sept.-Oct. deadline. Nothing new–expect it every year. Expenditure also covers money for TRAINING EXERCISES, not just tangible items.

  • Drewski

    ISON bro, that’s all I gotta say.

    • Andrei

      Hi drewski. I’m asking myself something about defense. Defense against asteroids or meteorits. Well our tehnology evoluated a lot and i’m asking myself that if a meteorit or asteroid it’s coming to earth and represents a danger for as, we really haven’t nothing to protect ourself and our planet ?

  • SheepDog with body armour

    Moderate republic is basicly a Libertarian? PFFFTT. Democrat, moderate democrate, moderate, moderate republican, republican are ALL the same. Libertarian is above all the bullshit drama. Please do not put moderates in the same boat as Libertarians ever again, Thank you.

  • Amercan111

    This is bunk. Explanation: they must use the money or lose it. Now, gov. waste is another issue…

    “The U.S. federal government begins its fiscal year on October 1, and ends
    the fiscal year on September 30. Congress reviews proposals for
    discretionary government spending before the start of each fiscal year.
    These regulations govern any spending that must undergo an annual review
    process. Such spending might include defense, homeland security, energy
    and education funding, for instance. The president creates a budget for
    each fiscal year, which Congress reviews, deciding whether or not to
    approve each item on the budget. States determine their own fiscal
    years, which don’t necessarily match that of the federal government.
    Many states have a fiscal year beginning on July 1.”
    – See more at:

  • JonnyMedic

    Much earlier this year, Anonymous issued an official threat to the POTUS and congress that they intend to arrest and charge the president with treason. They will attempt this attack on the White House on Nov 5, 2013. As part of the manifesto, they have indicated that they will launch cyber-attacks on the fed and the nations banking system. They have stated that they expect bloodshed and violence during this ‘peaceful’ civil arrest.

    It should also be noted that all the government agencies, including the military, plan to hold a ‘simulated nationwide power failure’ on Nov 13-15. This story broke two weeks ago by the New York Times, and not another word has been made on this significant subject since. (The NYC area has suffered commuter train loss and power loss for the same reason this last week, and power is not expected to be restored until Oct7) expect random or even national power and internet outages.

  • bob

    October first…for a couple minutes at noon. Air sirens heard in San Angelo Texas.

    • mick

      Bob that happens every month on the 1st at noon for about 2 minutes to test the storm sirens

  • Franco Unamerican

    Dude, what do you mean our country never sells weapons to other countries militaries around the world. America gave Sadam his biochemical weapons during the crap with Iran in the 70s, then turned around and used it against him in the 80s. There are many other instances of the same nature, follow the natural resources and thats where we will be. As far as this video goes, I agree when you call bullshit, but at the same time this country only makes money when we are blowing another country up. Have not done that in a while so maybe it will turn inwards. Only time will tell, tomorrow is promised to noone.