Billionaire Goodman: US Will Lose Reserve Currency Status, Chaos Will Ensue

Canadian billionaire businessman Ned Goodman predicts the end of the U.S. Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. He predicts the transition out of the U.S. Dollar will become, “…quite ugly.” He delivered the lecture at Cambridge House’s Toronto Resource Investment Conference 2013 on Thursday, September 12, 2013.

  • MJ Darling

    This year’s deficit reduction will be the fastest reduction since World War II. What in he++ are you talking about?

    • Samson

      So. Still adding to the debt.

    • deficit reduction != debt reduction

      • ObamaIsFailing

        That is not true. Deficit reduction does NOT equal debt reduction. The deficit reduction simply means you are borrowing less than you used to. The debt has almost doubled since Obama took office. He is responsible for 7 trillion dollar increase. All other presidents combined since the nation’s founding only spent 10 trillion.

        An easier explanation for the “deficit”. Imagine a family stating we are now only putting $800 a month on our credit card instead of $1000.00 per month. Your deficit has decreased but your debt still is going up.

        By the way, Obama may have cut his deficit but his deficit is still higher than the deficit was in 2008.

        • ” !=” is programmer code for not equals.

          • ObamaIsFailing

            My apologies Michael. I didn’t know that. Thanks.

        • MJ Darling

          Absolute lie. The Bush/Cheney wars (and more) were put on the books instead of hiding the massive theft of taxpayer dollars.

  • MJ Darling

    Ned Goodman said the DEFICIT was increasing. This is not true. Without destroying the economy further than Cheney & Co. did, this administration is reducing deficit as fast as possible. Then the debt.

  • omg1172012

    The world is looking at 2/3 of annual budget spending in US is on Social Progams. They see a weak and lazy citizentry created by LIBS. I wouldnt want the falling dollar as the worlds reserve currency either. More people sitting on their duffs equals more printing and lower value.
    Its the LIB death spiral.

  • MJ Darling

    George H. W. Bush led the corporatization of our nation. There are over 185,000 corporations in business to do one thing: take your money–town, city, county, district, state and the federal government…all corporations doing what corporations do: increasing the bottom line. The ‘rulers’ took our grandparents’, our parents’ and our tax dollars, invested them in the stock market, and now own 70% of it. They practice ‘creative accounting’ to make you think we have a deficit…like listing all current and future liabialities, but only CURRENT assets/income. They could pay the debt off today, as they receive $2 in investment income (from OUR MONEY) for every $1 in taxes collected. Government is a scam, just a scam to take our money, and spend it like drunken sailors. Even sheep get food, shelter and medical. You are a slave. Why do you think BP wasn’t forced to clean up the Gulf? Why do you think trillions of gallons of oil are sitting at the bottom? Why was BP allowed to continue after gazillions of oil spills? Why wasn’t the latest one reported on mainstream media? Because our GOVERNMENT OWNS BP AND ALL THE OTHER MULTINATIONALS. Read the CAFRs (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports) for your town/city, county, district, state, federal government. It’s the first step. Need help? Follow the money.