Open Heart Surgery Without Anesthesia For One Third The Cost

Watch an open heart surgery be preformed with a local anesthetic and acupuncture to control the pain.  If this doesn’t cause you to question western dogma about alternative medicine, I don’t know what will.

The surgery scene starts around 19:30.

  • moto perpetuo

    Although this
    is an extremely interesting video, and there is certainly something worth
    investigating here, you should probably correct your description. It is not the case that the surgery was being
    performed “without anesthesia, using only acupuncture to control the
    pain.” The patient was given two
    powerful drugs (fentanyl and midazolam) during the procedure, including large doses of a local anesthetic. Fentanyl is much, much stronger than
    morphine. This program was criticized
    for not making this clear:

    • Yeah, that makes a big difference. Thanks for pointing that out.

      • moto perpetuo

        It’s certainly bizarre seeing somebody looking around the room with their chest cavity open. It’s unlikely that they’d remember it, though (which is probably just as well) – midazolam promotes amnesia and so is often used in surgical procedures where it’s desirable that the patient is kept awake but where they might not want to remember going through it.

        • Yeah I had my wisdom teeth taken out with midazolam (versed). I don’t remember a thing. My next memory was stumbling down the hallway out of the doctor’s office. My mom said I was awake and coherent the whole time. Pretty freaky shit.