Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines

Incredibly difficult to watch.  I turned it off after about 15 minutes because I couldn’t take the emotional testimony from all the mothers.  For more information, here’s a previous article I did on this subject.

  • vaccinesstillwork

    They have been through unimaginable trauma, and indeed their testimony is difficult to watch.

    Their evidence is of course important; but it is ultimately anecdotal and should not be seen as more compelling than the quantitative research which has been done on this subject, which covers entire populations, not just the first-hand experiences of a selected group.

    A viewing of these anecdotes in isolation omits certain absolutely crucial pieces of information which are key to testing the hypothesis that there is a connection between immunization and autism.

    Firstly, one of the characteristics of regressive autism is that it sets in suddenly. It does so for children who have never had any immunization, not just those who have had MMR or other immunization. The suggestion of a causal link between vaccines and autism comes about mainly because parents – for instance those in this video – notice that such symptoms appear very soon after immunization has taken place.

    This is a classic example of the correlation/causation confusion. Regressive autism typically sets in at around the age when children are being given MMR jabs and other immunizations. For a small proportion of the population, therefore, it is entirely likely that the first symptoms of autism will manifest with days or hours of an immunization of some description, by pure chance. Indeed, the proportion of children in which this is seen corresponds EXACTLY with the proportion one would expect to arise by chance alone.

    What one is NOT seeing in this video is the many hundreds of thousands of parents of autistic children whose children first showed symptoms of their condition BEFORE receiving an immunization, or many months afterwards. Or indeed those who have children with regressive autism who NEVER received any sort of immunization. Both groups exist. And unless you consider the population as a whole, not just a carefully selected sub-group, evidence such as that given in the video above is utterly worthless.

  • Technodestructo

    My son is in the spectrum of autism so i get why they feel that way..i dont know when ot starts to develop in the child but its something the monther ingests breather or gets done to her while pregnant but also it could be the chemicals of both parents