~1 Out Of Every 350 Architects In America Signed The AE911 Petition

A rough count of licensed and degreed architects who signed the AE911 petition comes out to 311 signatures.  According to the BLS, there are only ~107,400 people employed as architects in America.  When that number is divided against the number of petition signers, it works out to ~1 out of every 350 architects in America having signed the petition.  If we expand the petition signers to include those who are degreed but not licensed, it jumps up to ~1 out of every 250 architects.

If that many architects have actually taken the time out of their lives to sit down and submit their credentials to the AE911 petition site, it has to make you wonder how many more don’t believe the official story, but haven’t bothered to sign the petition.

Of course, this is all back of the envelop calculations, not taking into account who may be retired or who got licensed but never actually worked as an architect, or errors in the BLS job counting methodology, etc.. etc.. etc.. – but I think it’s still a useful benchmark to show just how preposterous the official story about 911 is.

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    This isn’t right!! I pray people keep fighting for the truth!!!

    • ncfo20 .

      (In no particular order)

      1. If WTC 7 was brought down in a controlled demolition, why were there no explosive sounds heard during its collapse?
      2. If WTC 7 should not have collapsed due to fires, why were firefighters expecting it to collapse hours before it happened?
      If the term ‘pull it’ means “to bring down with explosives”, why would
      Larry Silverstein go onto national television and describe his “billion
      dollar insurance scam”?
      4. If Larry Silverstein ordered WTC 7 to be demolished, why did the insurance companies pay out if there is evidence of fraud?
      5. If Flight 77 never hit the Pentagon, what happened to the passengers and the crew?
      If no plane hit the Pentagon, how do you explain all the photographic
      evidence with clearly identifiable debris from an American Airlines jet
      around the Pentagon site?
      7. How would a bomb or missile knock over the 5 streetlights that fell on Flight 77’s path to the Pentagon?
      If Operation Northwoods was the basis for the 9/11 attacks, why was the
      plan declassified and all the details released to the public?
      Since both of the twin towers fell from the exact location of the plane
      impacts, how did the controlled demolition perpetrators know exactly
      where the planes would hit?
      10. How did the planted explosives survive the plane impacts and the subsequent fires?

      • 1. Thousands of people heard explosions.


        2. No firefighters thought the buildings would collapse from fire. They were concerned about explosions though.


        3. Because when people are lying or hiding the truth, they often inadvertently say incriminating things. We often call this a freudian slip.

        4. Because they are legally obligated to.

        5. Pentagon is a separate issue from the towers being destroyed by explosives. This website has good information on the pentagon flight:


        6. See point 5

        7. See point 5

        8. Operation Northwoods has nothing to do with 911, other than demonstrating there are people in the government who are capable of conceiving such plans.

        9. Remote controls can adjust which set of explosives to set off first. They just have to look at the impact point after the fact.

        10. The elevator shafts are protected by a huge steel frame mesh. The towers were designed to survive a commercial airliner impacting them.

        • ncfo20 .

          1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrzeN-wvHD4&ntz=1

          This is a video of the collapse of WTC 7. None of the explosive sounds you would expect to hear during a controlled demolition are heard.


          These are some recordings of ACTUAL controlled demolitions. Note, the extremely loud explosive sounds and flashes during the collapse. One of the biggest problems controlled demolition experts face is noise
          pollution. If WTC 7 was brought down in a controlled demolition, it was silent. Explain how this is possible.

          2. There were several reports from firefighters and structural engineers on the site of WTC 7 that day, predicting its collapse at least 3 hours before it happened.

          This is a recording of firefighter Miller describing the
          structurally weakened state of WTC 7. Firefighters are trained to understand if a building is stable. WTC 7 clearly wasn’t, which is why the firefighters were removed. I don’t know of any firefighters or engineers who assessed the condition of WTC 7 that day, who were surprised that it collapsed.

          3. Larry SIlverstein is no idiot. It was a recorded interview and it clearly wasn’t a slip of the tongue. The term ‘pull it’ does not, nor has it ever been an industry term meaning “to bring down with explosives”.

          4. Since when are insurance companies legally obligated to pay out when there is evidence of fraud? Not a single one of the insurance companies even tried referring to any of this “evidence” to avoid paying out. Obviously because it isn’t even remotely credible.

          9. So you’re suggesting that AA11 and UA175 didn’t even hit the WTC? If so, what happened to all of the passengers and crew aboard those flights? Were the flights never actually hijacked? If so, does that mean that all of the relatives of all the people on board the flights are all paid actors?

          10. It was designed to withstand the impact of a 707, a much smaller plane, carrying much less fuel. They didn’t take into consideration the speed of the plane upon impact, or the burning jet fuel. Both towers did
          withstand the plane crashes. It was the subsequent fires and burning jet fuel that caused the steel to weaken and eventually buckle, triggering a progressive collapse.

          The Twin Tower’s steel columns and trusses were supported by a layer of fireproofing which was blown off during the plane impacts. Unlike most office fires, the crashes piled debris against the furthest walls and corners, providing fuel for persistent fires at the most vulnerable points of the building. Steel doesn’t melt until it reaches 2750 degrees Fahrenheit, however, it loses 50% of its strength at 1100. The worst of the WTC fires were burning at 1800. As the weakened floor trusses sagged, they pulled on both the core and the perimeter columns. The sagging caused the perimeter columns to bow inwards. This photo shows the bowing of the perimeter columns, of which there are many. Could you explain what else would cause this?


          The bowing continued until the perimeter columns finally reached their breaking point and snapped.

          • All the audio and most of the video was edited. That audio track is a fake.

            Fires will not cause a symmetrical free-fall speed collapse of a steel framed building. They never have, and they never will. This is why over 2000 architects and engineers have signed the petition I mention.

            Sorry, but I’m going to take their word over yours.

          • ncfo20 .

            If the sound was edited, then please link me a video of the collapse of WTC 7 in which explosive sounds can be heard. (That isn’t the only video of its collapse).

            WTC 7 was damaged by debris from the north tower when it collapsed. The debris ignited fires which continued to burn on the lower floors. WTC 7 was uniquely designed in that its entire upper section
            above the 7th floor was supported by three main trusses. After being exposed to fires for 7 hours and critically weakened, truss 1 finally failed. The initial collapse progressed vertically all the way to the roof, as evidenced by the collapse of the east penthouse. Unable to handle the redistributed weight, the two remaining trusses gave way seconds later, resulting in a total collapse of the building. Yes, there was approximately 2 seconds of free fall during this event. Could you provide evidence to prove that this is impossible under these circumstances?

            Conspiracy theorists often point to other famous fires, like the Windsor Tower fire in Madrid. It burned for
            hours and hours and did not collapse. What they don’t mention is that the hotel had a reinforced concrete core, it didn’t have exposed steel like WTC 7. Also, WTC 7 burned for over 6 hours without the aid of any water. The fire department didn’t touch the building. They had bigger things to worry about after the collapse of the south tower, and later, the north tower. Unlike other office fires which are put out to some extent, WTC 7 received no water at all.

            Barry Jennings became the 9/11 “Truth” movement’s sole eyewitness for WTC 7 when he said that he heard explosions. Let’s conveniently ignore the fact that even he rejected 9/11 conspiracy theories. Jennings changed his story on several occasions, and backed off his claims completely during a 2008 interview with the BBC, saying “I didn’t like the way I was portrayed” in the film. He added, “I didn’t appreciate that, so I told them to pull my interview.” Let me guess, he must have been threaten or paid off, right?

            “This is why over 2000 architects and engineers have signed the petition I mention.”

            There are also tens of thousands of biologists who don’t support the theory of evolution. Are they right too?