Must Watch: Under Our Skin, Documentary on Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is caused by a spirochete bacteria, very similar to syphilis.  And like syphilis, it can cause all sorts of inflammatory and neurological disorders if left untreated.  These disorders can mimic everything from ALS, to Multiple Sclerosis, to Fibromyalgia, to Parkinson’s disease.  (It’s worth noting that none of those diseases I just listed have any known cause or cure.)

This documentary covers the political and economic agenda of the doctors who set the guidelines on Lyme disease treatment.  Present guidelines don’t allow for extended courses of antibiotics to cover long term chronic infection by the Lyme disease spirochete.

In fact, the doctors who issue the guidelines don’t believe long term chronic infection of Lyme disease is even possible.  This documentary proves otherwise by presenting a host of Lyme disease specialists and their patients.

It’s a very compelling and emotional documentary that is well worth watching.  Five stars.

The New Yorker did a six page article on this less than a year ago, it’s also worth reading.

Interesting side note, guess which illegal drug has extremely potent antibacterial properties and has been demonstrated to have substantial neuroprotective effects?  In fact, cannabis has such potent antibacterial effects, it’s being studied as a way to kill superbugs like MSRA.  It’s so good that some scientists have speculated that conventional preservatives could be replaced by it.

If the Lyme people are right, it could be the antibacterial properties of cannabis that make people suffering from brain degenerative diseases feel better.  In some cases, long term cannabis use has actually halted progression of multiple sclerosis.  (Could it be that cannabis killed off the bacteria, causing progression to stop?)

  • Jonathan Jaech

    Yes, this is a “must watch” if you are unfamiliar with the controversy over treatment of Lyme disease. Nicely done (based on 80% I was able to finish). Thanks for posting.