My Son Has Cancer



From the Daily Paul:

My 5 year old son was recently diagnosed with fibro sarcoma. After much unnecessary delay he has finally been admitted to a good hospital, but its also 30 miles from where we live, and traveling back and forth has taken its toll on the little savings we had left.

On top of this, I also just recently lost my job and health coverage. My wife was lucky enough to get him added to her policy, but now she is just working to pay for the insurance, and all of our bills have fallen behind.

I’m normally not one to ask for help, and have always been independent and able to support my family with ease, but under the current set of circumstances I feel a need to reach out for help before we get too far underwater.

I have setup a donation page for my son, along with a bit more detail on our story at the link below. I would be honored if you could possibly share it on your Facebook or twitter account, and ask others to share it as well. Every single donation no matter how small will help in a tremendous way. If you are unable to donate, we ask that you pray for us and add us to any prayer lists you know of.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

God Bless

[For a more detailed description of the situation, see the donation page below:]


If someone has $525 dollars to give, send the family a tube of this CBD oil.  It’s basically Rick Simpson oil without the psychoactive effects. Many of the antitumorigenic properties of cannabis come from CBD (cannabidiol). It will help prevent metastases.  This is the only oil I’ve found on Amazon that has the required potency to be effective.  The cheaper products are junk.

A few research articles on CBD and it’s effects on cancer:….