The Terror of Altered States of Consciousness

What kind of an insane asylum is this place?  I mean come on.  Who dreams up a world where half the population wants to torture people who alter their consciousness by consuming various chemicals?  Prison is a form of torture.  Ripping families apart because a parent got caught with drugs is torture.

This has to be a joke.

And then they blow up those towers, blame it on planes, and everyone believes it?  We let complete lunatics print as much money as they want and everyone just goes along with it?

Prior to all this, we tortured people for producing alcohol and damn near blew up the planet in a nuclear holocaust!  And let’s not forget the tens of millions killed by their own countrymen when they collectivized agriculture in China and Russia. And what about slavery?

Who dreams this shit up?  It’s a joke!  It’s a comedy act!  It’s not even real!

Then you got half the people on the planet running around saying all this came out of nothing, from a huge explosion that happened 13 billion years ago!  LOL?  WTF?

So starting 13 billion years ago, the universe just decided to make a planet, populate it with humans, and then turn that world into a gigantic sociopathic mad house, filled with people who fear other people smoking plants. It’s insane!  I mean if people actually thought drugs were harmful, like depression is harmful, wouldn’t they treat people who have a drug addiction problem like they treat people who have depression? Where does all the rage and hostility come from?  I mean people are absolutely terrified of other people getting high!

This has to be some kind of virtual reality simulator controlled by my friends in hyper-space playing a joke on me.

OK!  The game is up!  Fun is over!  You can shut down the play now.  I’m tired of this shit.

The fact that plants and animals exist is bizarre in its own right. Throw in the fact that half of our entire “security” structure revolves around stopping people from altering their consciousness and it just fails to pass the sniff test.  Why should there be any plants or chemicals that alter conscious perception in the first place?  It had to be rigged from the start.  It’s a setup.

You’ve pushed it too far.  I’m not buying it any more.  It’s a gigantic joke to me now.

You got cancer eating away people’s balls.  You got babies dying from starvation.  You got people living in garbage dumps.  You got burn victims in perpetual agony.  And yet people’s primary concern is torturing other people who consume consciousness altering chemicals.

Imagine if all the wealth that goes into caging people for doing or selling drugs was directed into making people’s lives better.

But wait, it gets better.  We wage collective mass murder, on the scale of millions dead, over deciding which group of sociopaths gets to loot and regulate us!

And why are there so many different types of people and different types of languages?  Again, that has to be a setup. Why isn’t there just white Anglo-Saxon people who speak English?  I mean, if the DNA says we all evolved from two people, then what the hell happened in the mean time to cause all that?  State boundaries are primarily segregated based on race, religion and language.  If we were all white Anglos, would WWII have been fought?  Would we have all these warring tribal factions we call “governments” today?

At this point, I have to wonder if the other people on this planet are even real or if they are just “zombie” people.  This is a very real philosophical question.  It’s called solipsism, which, if correct, would mean I’m writing all this shit for my own personal humor as I wait patiently for my clock to run out.  It must be boring being dead.  I can’t think of any other reason to put myself in the midst of mass insanity.

The material universe is constructed too perfectly for this all to be random.  The dichotomy of material perfection and mental insanity gives the game away.  By “perfection,” I’m not talking about diseases or suffering, I mean the general physics of matter and energy that make reality possible.  The physics of the universe is perfection, otherwise it wouldn’t exist in the first place.

It’s not possible to have that level of perfection contrasted with total mass insanity without some kind of game rigging going on.  “Life” is rigged in some way.  It can’t be “real” as far as ultimate reality is concerned.  History probably isn’t even real.  I can think that I learned everything I know over the course of my life, but I can’t be sure.  I can’t be sure I didn’t just dream this all up, along with my memories of it all having existed, just this very moment.  That lack of surety says something about this reality.

  • Matthew Baker

    Anything that might compromise the great puppet master’s grip on our society is seen as a threat that must be eliminated. Psychedelics are amongst the most powerful tools one can use to break free from this grasp. It is this, the idea of losing the ability to control the masses, that most terrifies our government today. After all, this is what it all comes down to – control. If we as individuals were granted the ability, the right, to be left entirely to our own devices, for what purpose would government exist? None at all, argue the string-pullers. You and I both know, however, that for government to exist for any purpose other than to ensure the integrity and protection of individual liberties, in an even broader sense than that outlined in the constitution, is an utter injustice – and, I’d go as far to say, the very root of all greed and corruption. Without solving many of the problems inherent to the very fabric of this nation, I see no way that the debate regarding the usage of mind-altering substances might finally see itself solved.
    Disclaimer: this message, in itself, was written under the influence of a mind-altering substance, whose name I am not at liberty to reveal. I apologize in advance for any incoherencies contained within, and will attempt to address them if I happen upon a state of sobriety for any appreciable length of time in the near future. 😉

  • racerx605

    What kind of an insane asylum is this place? the worst kind as far as I can tell…