Blacklight Power Testing Unlimited Energy Device

Blacklight Power as begun a second round of testing on their device, this time using an auger type feed device to keep a fuel mixture flowing between the welding device electrodes.  They are already working on a hopper system to collect the spent fuel back into to the feed tray for the auger, which would allow them to run the device continuously.

The way this works is the two circular copper wheels rotate as a strong electrical current is passed between them.  Then a solid fuel/water mixture is passed between the electrodes which causes the fuel to ignite in a brilliant flash of light.  The light emitted is somewhere around 50,000 times the intensity of sunlight, having roughly the same spectrum as sunlight.  These bright flashes are used to power solar cells.  The final energy output of a continuously running system will be around 10 megawatts, with a device size of a few cubic feet.

Within a year or two, these systems will replace all current methods of power production, from jet aircraft to automobiles to home utilities.  The operating expense for the units will be around 1% of current power generation methods.

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    Please pray to God we can get technologies like these to market the energy lobby is strong and loves money more than life, help defeat tyranny Vote Libertarian