Are Libertarian Males A Bunch Of Pussies?

A recent video by Christopher Cantwell attributes the lack of women in the libertarian movement to the men being a bunch of pussies.  In the video, several females offer their opinion as to why they lack interest in libertarian men.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if this cheeky video actually hit the nail on the head.  Most libertarian men are cut from the same cloth.  It takes a special combination of traits to lead one down the path of libertarianism, a philosophy that goes against the existing social order at virtually every turn.

Socially successful men are very good at reading social cues.  Most socially successful men will disregard logic in favor of emotion if that choice will further their social standing. Libertarian men tend to be so rooted in logic that they lack emotional intelligence.

Ever been to a libertarian conference?  It’s like a nerd’s paradise.  Engineers, software developers, mathematicians, history buffs, database administrators, systems analysts, basically every logic dominated field you can think of are represented in overwhelming numbers.  (I’m a software developer by trade.)

This may come as a shock to my readers (who are largely male), but women don’t respond well to logic and reason. Women need to be persuaded on an emotional level, and that’s not something most libertarian men are good at. I’m reminded of this line from As Good As It Gets:

  • Receptionist: How do you write women so well?
  • Melvin Udall: I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.

The line is humorous because it’s largely true.  Of course I’m talking in generalities here, but I hope you get the point.

Any of you guys reading this post ever try to logic your way into a woman’s pants?  I’ll bet most of you have.  How did that work out for you?  Any of you guys reading this post ever have problems getting a date?  I’ll bet most of you have.  The good news is that this is a problem that can be overcome if you’re willing and motivated to make a change.  And if we want to see more libertarian women, a change is what is desperately needed.

Women are not like computers or an engineering problem.  You can’t input a specific set of external variables (e.g. nice car, buff body, stable career) and expect to get anywhere.  If you don’t believe me, keep on trying.  Having those things can give you a self-confidence boost, which is what really matters, not the things themselves.  It’s still worth shooting for those things because they will aid your self-confidence, but don’t be fooled into believing it’s the things themselves that are important.

Those same powers of logic, reason and open mindedness that led you to accept the libertarian philosophy also mean that you already have half the tools necessary to be persuasive and successful with the opposite sex.  You just need to direct those powers into obtaining the appropriate corrective information.  Reason should tell you that If something is not working, then it is time to keep an open mind and try something different.

Let me give you some hard data that will help highlight just how different you should be thinking.

The NY Post reports:

The results of 10 separate studies so rattled sexologist Marta Meana that she was initially hesitant to talk about them: Between 30 and 60 percent of women reported frequently having what’s been termed “rape fantasies,” and many of the women who described their own daydreams were also disturbed. “If I truly believed in women’s equality with men,” said one, “then I’d have to have sex and imagine sex that reflected that — no domination, no rape fantasies. One result was that I married a nice liberal man who shared my convictions on how sex should be. Seven years later we divorced.”

A group of straight women were hooked up to a device that measures genital blood flow and listened to a series of tapes in which pornographic scenarios were described: couplings between men and women, women and women, strangers. The subjects reported feeling most aroused by sex between people in long-term relationships, but the machines reported the opposite — blood pulsed faster during sex between strangers.

These findings tracked with another study in which women watched both gay and straight porn and were aroused by every conceivable scenario, while straight men were aroused only by women, gay men only by men. Chivers theorizes that the gap between what women self-report and what actually happens to them physiologically is a byproduct of socialization — that women don’t feel as much permission to be as open as men do. Her colleague Terri Fisher at Ohio State agrees. “Being a human who is sexual, who is allowed to be sexual, is a freedom accorded by society much more readily to males than to females,” she says in the book.

If that doesn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what will.  To a typical libertarian male mind, this report is unbelievable.  I bet most of you are shaking your heads right now, either in disbelief or confusion.  Most women fantasize about being raped?  Yep.  Plug that fact into your logic calculator and see what comes out.  I saw a similar study done by OKCupid that said 40% of women self-reported having rape fantasies.

As the machines report, women will say they desire one thing when they really want something else.  This is why the logical route of asking a woman what turns her on will always lead to misleading answers.  What they say they want and what they actually want are often polar opposites.  Again, if you’re trying to compute this logically, good luck.

Now, does this mean I think men should go out and rape women?  Obviously not.  However, this fact should be cluing you in to what women mean when they say they want a guy with self-confidence.  They want to be taken.  Permission seeking behavior is what men who have low social status engage in.  If a woman isn’t interested, she’ll let you know.  Your job is to assume she wants you right from the start.

This is just one small example of how radically most libertarian men need to change their perspective on the female sex.  As with everything else you’ve been told throughout your life, everything you’ve been led to believe about women’s sexuality is pretty much the polar opposite of what you’ve been told.

As I noted in a previous article, women value looks at least 2.5 times less than men, based on messaging patterns in online dating sites.  Don’t misinterpret the “women are as visually stimulated and more easily turned on than men” line in the NY Post article to mean that women get turned on by buff handsome males, if that was the case, why would they be getting turned on by lesbian sex too?  All that means is that women get turned on watching the act of sex, not by the specific body types of the participants.

If you’re trying to equate what YOU desire in a mate to what a woman desires, you’re always going to arrive at the wrong conclusions.  Women are not men.  They are the opposite of men.  They are the Ying to the Yang. You’d be closer to the mark if you made a prioritized list of what’s important to you in a mate, then flipped that list on its head and wrote out the antonyms to the adjectives you just listed.

If you’re willing to keep an open mind, here’s a few guys that can help point you in the right direction:

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  • S. James Schaffer

    Just because someone fantasizes about something doesn’t mean reality will live up to their fantasies.

    • Clearly.

      Obviously they don’t want to be raped for real, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore the reasons why they fantasize about it in the first place.

  • Tom

    I think libertarians pretty much live by the Golden Rule: To treat others as we would like to be treated. And that’s the distinction between men and women. Men tend to be analytical and logical. Women might be somewhat as well, but they also function on feelings and emotions. Women also love passion. And energy. And wealth.

  • A Country Farmer

    Being passionate and logical are not mutually exclusive.

  • Brianna

    I feel like this article spends more time refuting the fact that libertarian males are pussies by saying that women are emotionally dramatic and not logical.

    • Generalities are generalities, and I’m speaking specifically on the topic of dating here.

      Is your argument that most women chose who they date based on logic rather than emotion?

      It’s always nice to hear a woman’s perspective on this.

      Also, I don’t think I’m refuting the fact that libertarian males are pussies when it comes to dating women. I’m actually acknowledging this fact and offering input on how to change that.

    • A Country Farmer

      Exactly. And seemingly that these are women worth settling for. We should have higher standards for men and women both.