It’s Beautiful Watching The World Go Dark


Darkcoin has raced ahead of other alternative currencies to rapidly become the world’s third largest cryptocurrency.  Darkcoin operates exactly like Bitcoin, but it offers much stronger anonymity protection.  Darkcoin essentially takes the features of the Dark Wallet Bitcoin wallet and integrates them directly into the currency itself, making it extremely anonymous and very simple to use.  I personally think that all current Bitcoin users should start transitioning to Darkcoin.

In related news, Lavabit and Silent Circle are working hard to develop an entirely new email protocol call Dark Mail that will protect the contents of email, as well as the email meta-data, from the prying eyes of statist control freaks. Sign up with the Dark Mail Alliance for news and information about the status of the project.

In the meantime, be sure to sign up for Proton Mail.  Proton Mail is a secure email service that encrypts messages at the browser before transmitting them to the server.  This means that if Proton Mail’s servers are raided, the messages cannot be decrypted because Proton Mail doesn’t have the decoding key.

While this makes Proton Mail much more secure than any other presently operating email system, it’s not perfect.  Meta-data may still be available for snooping, and messages sent to other email exchanges may still be snooped on those exchanges.  Still, it’s far better than what is presently being offered by the likes of Google or Yahoo.  Here’s a great article on how to encrypt normal emails without having to use the Proton Mail service.

And last, but not least, comes Dark Market (now called OpenBazzar.)  OpenBazzar is a decentralized anonymous peer-to-peer trading platform that produces a market similar to eBay.  Since there are no central servers, this makes it impossible to shut down, much like the BitTorrent file trading network.  Statist control freaks have to attack each user individually, which is obviously a futile undertaking.  OpenBazzar is still in development, but the proof-of-concept work has already been completed.  It shouldn’t be too much longer before a working version makes its first appearance on the web.

When all of these technologies are utilized in conjunction with a personal VPN or the Tor Network, it makes for an amazingly bright future, free from the prying eyes of statist control freaks everywhere.