Sentenced To Life In Prison For Being Born

Alex Jones’ website, aptly titled Prison Planet, is more than just a pun.  It’s a reality of life in the 21st century here on planet Earth.  The entire planet has been turned into a low-grade prison system, speckled with high security sub prisons throughout the world.

There is no freedom of movement between regions without authorization.  There are no real property rights. When transitioning from one prison zone to another, typically all goods and people will be inspected by guards.  It’s not unusual to see high security fencing and patrolling guards at the interface of two bordering regions of control.  All production is regulated and monitored.  All communication between inmates is monitored, especially if that communication crosses regional control borders.  All movement is tracked.  All monetary accounts are monitored.

Earth is a penal colony.  You must have done something wrong to be here.  Something VERY wrong, because you’re serving a life sentence baby.  What did you do?  What are you guilty of?  Impure thoughts?  I can’t think of anything else, since prior to being here you weren’t a physical entity.  You must have thought something naughty to wind up here.

I’m reminded of the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible.  Eve wanted to know the difference between good and evil, which is something that isn’t possible in a world where everything is perfect.  To understand good, there has to be evil to contrast it with. Perhaps the old book isn’t so far off the mark on this one.

You put yourself here you know.  You sentenced yourself to life in prison because it was the only way to find out what good and evil really mean.  That’s why the insanity of the world is so outrageous beyond anything that makes rational sense.  It’s not supposed to be rational.   If everyone was rational, the world would be virtually perfect, so you wouldn’t get the “full tilt” experience.  You’d only “kind of” know what good and evil are really all about.  In reality, the words “good” and “evil” should be substituted for “love” and “fear,” because those are the only two core emotions that actually exist.

No thing is inherently good or evil. Actions are deemed to be good or evil based on the responses of fear or love that they happen to invoke, and those responses are largely based on the existence of the ego, and the ego is largely based on the illusion of physicality, limited resources, survival and the fear of death.  Without life on prison planet Earth, there’s no way for you to understand the difference between good and evil, love and fear.  You’d go on living forever in the timeless now, unaware of just how good you had it.

So here you are, serving your life sentence.  Good luck Kemosabe, you brave soul you. Keep on thinking your naughty thoughts.  Without them, there’s no way to know what the word “good” actually means.


  • racerx605

    ain’t that the truth… (this place is the worst kind of hell)