Open Source Free Energy Generator Achieves 33x Overunity

The project team is currently seeking funding to develop the transverter necessary to transform and divert the raw output power from the device back to the motor that drives the device so that it can run itself indefinitely.

As I said before, 2014 is the year the banking system implodes and free energy becomes a reality for the masses.

Demonstration showing output on an oscilloscope:

A downloadable report of the test results and equipment used can be found here.

Here’s a nice article on the Morocco build that gives a little background on the project and the project participants.

The device has been successfully replicated by teams in Pennsylvania, Taiwan, Morocco, Germany and Orlando.  The project organizers also say that there are many Chinese engineers also presently engaged in replicating the device.

More information on the project can be found here.

Donate to the project here.

The Open Source plans for the QEG can be downloaded here.


  • boniek

    In all of these videos it is either the same person or description says it is not working.

    • That’s James Robitaille. He’s the lead engineer on the OS project. He travels around helping the various teams get their generators working.

      Which video wasn’t working for you? They are all working for me.

      • DontBeFooled

        We will see. This is a well orchestrated HOAX, possibly the best one yet aimed at the ignorant and the gullible. I say 6 – 12 months from now there will be a day of judgement for HopeGirl, Robitalle, Thrapp, and all the rest, and it won’t be pretty. Just sayin’….

      • acg3

        What is your cut?

        • It’s open source. That’s like asking me what my cut is for promoting Linux or bitcoins.

      • Regen

        No QEG worldwide has reached overunity so far

  • DontBeFooled

    Uh, no, they have NOT proved overunity. They CAN’T prove overunity. They can, however LIE to you and investors and they are doing that very well. But – we’ll see. Give it another 6 months, by then the enormity of the SCAM will have sunken in, and the investors will be hanging them by their necks until they are dead, dead, dead.

  • acg3

    Do a little research and learn about calculation power:

    Don’t forget that cosine of the phase angle, its a doozy!!

    Now on narrative #4.

    In narrative order:
    1. Output of 240v 42 amps 60hz (from manual 03-25-2014).
    2. Output of 2000v 5 amps 400hz (from Taiwan interviews starting @4:40 notice James said “if”)
    3. Output of 1400v lower amps due to not over unity yet 200hz, and may need an aerial? (Morocco)
    4. Output to be supplemented with a transverter to draw power from reactivity of the primary coil (to be done in United Kingdom

    Note that in narrative #1 the quantum exciter coil’s function was “to provide a conduction path through the quantum field (zero point) into the
    generator core.” – page 2

    Equally note the exciter coil was not used in Morocco from where the variations of over unity were said to been measured.
    – section 3.1.1, “the exciter circuit had not yet been included”
    – section 3.1.2 table 7, Exciter coil No for primary coil and No for secondary coil
    – section 3.2.1, “At this stage the system was tested without the exciter coil” That test result reported as Reactive Power of 22.8kVAR pk-pk / 2050kVAR RMS

    An example of using real measurements incorrectly to result in false calculations is the ubiquitous 120v 100 watt light bulb. In the image linked below, this is the standard signal for a 100W bulb. Its calculated to around 780 watts when incorrectly multiplying peak-to-peak volts and amps.

    !!!!I GOT OVER UNITY!!!!

    Thousands of people downloading a file is nothing special. Show us these thousands of people doing test.
    Yes, a few forums are out there, be-do, overunity, energetic, and a couple of german forums. Had you followed up and read these forums you would see but a hand full of people are doing test. You would also see none of these hand full of people have reach the famed over unity. Also if you had real genuine interest and read a small percent of the thousands of post in those forums you would have learned by now the power output is very low when correctly calculated (17 to 35%) and this is shown specifically in the reports released by the qeg team (mainly James Robitaille) themselves.

    You would also have noticed qeg is but one of a hundred devices being tested on the forums.

    For the testing of qeg effect of user gotoluc (Luc Choquette), the output is dismal. Gotoluc has public stated he has stopped because due to unworthy results. Quoting from this upload “until I see real power measurements on the QEG I’m not going to put any money in developing something that has not been proven. I’ll put my time and efforts in what I see has most potential.” –

    Yes, a lot of people are interested in building qeg. Same for bedini circuits, same for Tesla coils, same for joule thief led illuminators, same for pic controllers, same for arduino circuits, same for the countless other electrical and electro-mechanical devices. Quit with the generalities.

    Overunity? The video below did not demonstrate over unity. The bulbs are not fully light hence did not even draw 600 watts. The calculations were done incorrectly by Dave. He used Volts peak-to-peak X Amps peak-to-peak. Dave himself admitted his math skills is sharp as a wet spaghetti.
    As I showed earlier, doing the same erroneous calculation on a 100 watt light bulb would result close to 800 watts. Do you think a 100 watt light bulb draws 800 watts?

    If you read this, you can no longer claim ignorance.

  • M. Rohner

    so 2014 was the year the banks would implode and we’d have free energy, right?