HP Just Turned The Computing World On Its Head

HP just announced the next revolution in the evolution of computing.  In fact, the computing solution they’ve come up with is beyond revolutionary.

  • 80 times less energy consumed.
  • Photons (light) are used for processor to memory communication instead of electrons.
  • 160 petabytes of stable long term non-volatile memory, byte addressable,  accessible in under 250 nanoseconds.  That’s the equivalent of having 163,840 terabyte sized hard drives acting as if they were instantly accessible computer RAM.
  • Special purpose CPU cores that are computationally task specific.
  • 640 terabytes of data can be computed in 1 billionth of a second.
  • 6 times the processing power of traditional server clusters.
  • Oxygen ions used to store information instead of magnetic hard drive platters or standard RAM chips.
  • Complete design flexibility between processing and memory.  Memory and processors can be separated by great distances.
  • The size of machines such as these can scale anywhere from the size of a cell phone up to the size of a large data center, and beyond with instant cloud accessibility.
  • Processors can flip between binary 0 or 1 memory states in the picosecond range (0.000000000001 seconds), and require no energy to maintain the state in memory.
  • A completely new open sourced operating system is being designed to take advantage of the new architecture.
  • They project completed systems development by 2020, with many of the system components coming online well before that.

This is a totally new way of computing.  It’s hard to even wrap your head around it.  It’s the equivalent of going from horseback to a super-sonic fighter jet.

  • Brenden

    I can’t wait to have one of these. The ability of this technology could relieve people from ever having to work again. It seems like it works in a very similar way to human brain. Its like a network of independent neurons. Maybe intelligent robots aren’t too far off.

  • Brenden

    I wonder how fast this would mine bitcoin…

  • Piotr Fedorowski

    Meanwhile, “tech press” is all about another stupid new phone and /r/technology is only about Uber and Tesla.