Cops On A Power Trip Arresting People For No ID and Videotaping

From the video notes:

We were 4 bikers on our way back from Flight 93 Memorial in Stoystown, PA. My friend and I get pulled over for crossing on double yellow.After waiting for citations for 10-15 minutes the other 2 bikers (my brother and other friend) walk up to see whats going on and just to wait with us. They stand off to side as instructed by the officer outside the vehicle. After another 5 minutes or so of casual conversation among ourselves and the officer outside. He asks for ID from Ryan, who asks, “I am required to show you ID?” The officer responds, “I am a police officer.” Ryan says, “I understand that but whats the reason.” He responds by saying, “You came on my scene”. He asks for his name which he gives. At this point the other officer gets out of the squad car and asks whats going on. The original officer says that Ryan isn’t showing ID and immediately the new and older officer says, If you don’t show us ID right now we can arrest you, tow your bike, and then have to pay bail. This is when my brother says, “someone get this on video”. So I pull out my phone and the following occurs.

After the Video: They seize my phone and play the video, which has audio obviously. I am then arrested for audio taping them without their consent (Wiretapping Law), which according to the ACLU does not apply to officers doing their regular duties in public. So I’m arrested as well. Eventually my friend calls his police officer friend who talks with the arresting officer. Then we are both released as long as we give them the video and delete it. So they continue to seize my phone and make us follow them back to the station to transfer the file. After not being able to transfer it due to software issues the original officer takes a video of my video with his iPhone. I am then told to delete the video so I stealthy slide to the next video, which the arresting officer created while seizing my phone (he had no idea how to use a smartphone) and deleted that one. Now I’m sharing this ridiculous video of a cop on a power trip arresting innocent civilians after they visited a 9/11 memorial.

  • Tahoedirt

    This why it’s so easy to hate cops

    • Rico Ironhart

      No shit. These guys can’t figure out why people fucking hate them. It’s assholes like these 2 you know? I mean holy shit…really? Ones old and so out ofshape hes6a walking coronary. .you can tell the old bastard has been a dipshit all his life. The other one, he’s not in much better shape..their fuckin beer gut hanging over their damn belts..this one has an attitude with EVERYONE cause he’s uglier than a mud fence AND he’s frigging BALD. So both these assholes were picked on a in school..couldn’t get laid in a they became COPS to even the playing field since they’ve been losers even in grade school… lollol..holy shit. You know it’s loser cops like these 2 clowns whk couldn’t find their asses with both hands that give legitimate police a bad rep..really. .

  • Mariya13

    Please stop just recording and actually sue, I’m so sick of these impotent recordings.