New Reactor Verified To Produce Enormous Amounts of Hydrogen At Virtually No Cost

Engineering consulting firm TRC recently preformed a validation test on a new reactor that was developed by Solar Hydrogen Trends Inc.  The reactor converts water into nearly pure hydrogen gas. The reactor is capable of producing 215,800 liters per hour of 97.5% pure hydrogen gas utilizing 4.6 volts x 90 amps worth of electrical energy in the process.

This means the reactor is transmuting oxygen into hydrogen, and it’s doing it at a rate of production that is 134,477% over unity in terms of energy costs.  This reactor is, to date, the biggest breakthrough in energy production the world has ever seen.

The TRC validation report can be found here.

The performance report conducted by AirKinetics Inc. on January 25, 2014 which measures the hydrogen reactor electricity input and hydrogen output can be downloaded here.  The full 28 page report by AirKinetics is available under NDA.

According to the AirKinetics test, on input of 500 watts, the mini reactor produces an output of 2,797 cubic feet of hydrogen per hour (electricity equivalent of 237 kWh). The estimated cost of inputs is $1.80 per hour.

SHT is making their reactor available to any credible engineer for third party testing upon request.

A recent press release notes that,

With this performance, the hydrogen reactor can convert 1 barrel of water into 200 kg of hydrogen, which is energetically equivalent to 3 barrels of oil…

The ratio of spent to obtained energy in hydrogen reactor Symphony 7A in percentage is 134,477%. Today, hydrogen reactor Symphony 7A, which is the size of standard suitcase [not including the water chamber and reservoir] can produce enough hydrogen in one day to be equivalent to 6.5 barrels of oil, at the mere cost of $1.68 per hour to operate.

1 barrel of water = 3 barrels of oil

An earlier press release talks about the processes involved.  It appears that the rector utilizes replaceable electrode cartridges that need to be swapped out after about a week of continuous use.  An upgraded model will use electrodes that need replacement about once every four weeks.

A demonstration in May for the PESNetwork:


  • Jeremy

    The beginning of desertiification of our planet…

    • hahaha

      We have so much water on this planet we will never run out, even if every home ran one these things for a million years. Earth should just be called Water, because that’s what this planet is.

      • Jeremy

        There are a lot of assumptions built into your statement, as well. Trusting governments, corporations and scientists further with the very basis for life on this planet is frightening. Moreover, like a knick-knack collector who buys a bigger house, society will find a way to use the maximum extent of any resource without thought to any consequences; at least, that is the lesson imparted by history…

        I understand that individuals who believe as I do are in the minority, so this development will continue apace. Unfortunately, it will be our children and their children from whom we are robbing…

        • What assumptions? What robbery?

          • Save the water!

          • Kandysman86

            they just don’t understand that this means our standard model of physics is wrong and that the hydrogen can be recombined into water anyway. And if you are familiar with walter russell’s work, you will understand that we will be able to turn the noble gases into every element in the table.Walters periodic spiral, much better representation of reality.

  • Tesla’s little helper

    It’s strange that somebody so skeptical of governments and federal agencies can be so willing to believe something as implausible as the claims made by this firm. The press release is one long chain of pseudo-scientific BS – actually, it’s laughable. I mean, ‘transmutation’ of oxygen to hydrogen? Give me a break. Take a look at the energies involved in the processes they’re claiming are taking place at room temperature. Not. Possible. In a year they still won’t have produced a production model, and you’ll still be making excuses for them.

    • Special Relativity is a crackpot theory based on absurd concepts. It can’t explain LENR and it can’t explain Blacklight’s findings either. LENR and the Blacklight process have been independently replicated in numerous university labs around the world. There is no doubt they are real.

      I have no reason to doubt the veracity of TRC’s report. It doesn’t matter though. The only people who are going to end up looking like idiots are the people who cling to SR and GR as some kind of religious belief system.

      • Tesla’s little helper

        Relativity, special or general, has nothing to do with this. What they claim to be doing violates the first and second laws of thermodynamics and all that we know about binding energies in the nucleus, and their ‘explanation’ is a load of impressive-sounding words shaken up in a bag and spread randomly on the page. The first and second laws, incidentally, are two of the most robust physical laws we have, extensively tested over two centuries and never falsified.

        As for Blacklight. When were they set up? Early 90s. When did they first announce they were ‘about to go to market? 1999. And then a few years later. And then a few years after that. And then every six months since. Still waiting, guys.

        • If that were true, the standard model would be able to explain the three independent university lab tests confirming Blacklight’s process.

          Of course, they can’t, so your claims about this violating the laws of thermodynamics don’t hold any water. These processes have been independently confirmed. They are real. This is happening. Whatever laws of nature you think are impossible to break are obviously being broken.

          You’re asking me to ignore independent lab data from numerous sources because it says something you don’t like.

  • OneManITDept

    I have already eaten michaelsuede for breakfast on a past “article”. It is nice to see others are beginning to realize he is the resident quack.

    • Alternatively, I’ll be proven a genius of foresight.

      I’m betting on the later.

      • OneManITDept

        In that you have not risen to the previous challenge I sincerely doubt it; though it would be pretty cool if you did. As I pointed out before…it would be insanely awesome and cool if some of this purported technology actually worked but it is little better than smoke and mirrors.

        • Sit back and watch.

          In less than a year we will see SunCells hitting the market, along with these hydrogen reactors.

          • OneManITDept

            Because something hits the market doesn’t mean anything other than there is something that someone will pay money for. Witness any number of infomercials promising you can eat anything and not get fat, or spray paint your hair back on or you can even send someone a hug through the mail.

            There will always be someone to buy something someone is selling. That in no way shape or form establishes what is or is not going on in a product.

            I notice you still have yet to show us your past predictions; nice try on the bait and switch though.

          • Here’s my past prediction:


            “By this time next year, I predict there will be fully anonymized bitcoin wallets and abundant free energy sources.”

            That was from February of this year.

            According to BLP’s latest report, they expect to have a working unit completed in about 4-6 months.

          • OneManITDept

            Well, I will give you to July of next year for this to come close. That is better than Feb to Feb…but I can tell you it will never happen.

            It will never happen not because it is impossible or some such, but, it will will never happen because a true free or almost free power source that could happen would immediately be stomped out but whatever gov’t is in charge at any given point in any given country.

            The only way something like that would ever even have a chance would be for it to be developed in secrecy and immediately distributed to friends and neighbors and plans put in drop boxes, craigslist, file-sharing sites, random emails etc. In a situation like that, there is not a government on the planet that could control information disseminated as quickly and randomly.

            Another way to ensure it survives would be to contact someone in a hacker group and have them disseminate it freely as well. Now we are talking a whole new ballgame. But I maintain that anything developed out in the open is be definition a fake or destined for failure.

          • Government is out of money bro. My bet is these devices are the only thing that’s going to save us all from starving to death in the near future. So you better hope your pessimism is misplaced.

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