Dwardu Cardona: Earth’s Primordial Stellar Host | EU2014

I’ve repeatedly stated that the only place in the universe the Earth could have acquired its oceans is in the coma of a brown dwarf star.  Cardona points out why the Earth was most likely a past planet of one of these stars.

  • Deus ex machina

    You always got the most fascinating stuff on your blog. Thanks again for your last url you gave me, I’m still working on it, but I’d like to return the favor.

    Have you every taken your teeth to the Moon Landings? I’ve been reading a series by David McGowan called “Wagging the Moondoggie” ( http://davesweb.cnchost.com/Apollo1.html ) and it’s amazing and side-splittingly funny read. The basic premise is that the moonlandings where faked as a distraction of the citizenry of the USA from to the wars in East Asia.

    A few badly plagiarized and paraphrased highlights:

    There’s a lot of fun stuff in the article. Did you know that NASA “lost” 700 cartons the Apollo moonwalkings, including ALL of the originals mission? They shipped them all to Australia and they got overwritten, meaning that they lost all of the biometric data/stuff and the rest of the footage filmed… the original footage was never aired by the way, it was filmed off of another television because the technology was incompatible with the stuff for public broadcasting… You know, the government is so incompetent that I bet they’ve recycled the Constitution and have plans on building a Wal-Mart on the Alamo.

    Did you know that programing software was much easier in the 60’s? One of the flight software developers, Alex Kosmala, made the following remarkable admission: “There were no specs. We made it up. Uhmm … and it’s always [been] amazing to me — why was I allowed to program something that hadn’t even been specified [but] that would be critical in assuring the success of the whole Apollo Program? I couldn’t believe it, but that’s the way it was. We made it up as we went along!”

    They also had the technology to get though the radiation belts, deal with cosmic rays, and handle micro meteorites. Those where the days!

    Have you ever wondered why the astronauts never… umm… tried seeing how high they could jump on the moon? Maybe a few one-handed hand stands? Not just bunny hop around and hit golf balls?

    There’s a fun statement by the Father of the Apollo missions Wernher von Braun on what it would take to get to the moon. He said that it would take: “[the rocket] would have to develop sufficient speed to penetrate the atmosphere and overcome the earth’s gravity and, having traveled all the way to the moon, it must still have enough fuel to land safely and make the return trip to earth …. in order to give the expedition a margin of safety, we would not use one ship alone, but a minimum of three … each rocket ship would be taller than New York’s Empire State Building [almost ¼ mile high] and weigh about ten times the tonnage of the Queen Mary, or some 800,000 tons.”
    OH!!! Did I mention that NASA and its various subcontractors lost the original plans/blueprints for the lunar modules. And for the lunar rovers. And for the entire multi-sectioned Saturn V rockets.
    OOHHH!!! Did I mention that that they also had the fuel consumption data on those 700 cartons they “lost” that explained how NASA got Armstrong there and back with less than 1% the required fuel it would take to get to the moon?

    I wonder why the Space Shuttle has never done a lunar fly-by, or left low-Earth orbit? After all it’s much more advanced then crafts they used for the Apollo missions? After all the hard part is getting out of earths gravity well. It would be such a good opportunity to take some photos of the sites of the Apollo landings that no one has been able to get for whatever reason…

    Speaking of photos, did you know that Armstrong was an expert photographer? He managed to take the photos of the original mission with the camera attached directly to his chest, with clumsy gloves, without being able to see the view finder on the camera, and while viewing the scenes through heavily tinted visors? He managed to estimate the exposure settings, frame and focus the shots on pure guesswork. He could have a very lucrative career as a professional photographer, he just has a knack for it.

    Did you know that the lunar modules failed on it’s first test? But our cracker jack team of Nazi scientists where able to fix it up and they where so confident that they didn’t even test is out first, instead they just shot them up there. And you know what, it preformed perfectly all 6 times! It took hundreds of trial and error tests to get up into low earth orbit, but we nailed it on the moon the first try!

    I could go on, but I’m not doing his work justice. He’s a professional writer and I’m just butchering his stuff here as a tired dyslexic. Check it out, his stuff is a gold mine. Anyways, has the moon landings been of any interest you? I feel like it’s right up your alley, but I’ve never seen you post about it.

    • Yeah, there is plenty of questionable shit about the moon landings, but there’s also no smoking guns to the contrary. It’s just not a battle worth fighting. The government does plenty more stupid and sneaky shit that we have more evidence against, so I tend to leave that one alone.

      • Deus ex machina

        Plenty more? I’ve only really encountered the 9/11 bullshit as being the “silly” shit the government has done. Do you have some list of bullshit the are more easily detectable and easier fought against? Are we talking how the NSA is making a complete copy of the internet or how cops are screened for high IQ, but not psychopathy?

        I honestly understand that you have to pick your battles, it just seemed like something you would enjoy. You’ve been exceptionally positive with the Bitcoin and Electric Universe stuff. I usualy come back from the blog feeling more optimistic about the world, so I wouldn’t want to mess up your mojo.