Blacklight Power Sues Wiki Trolls


Let’s see the trolls make their case for fraud in court.

I doubt the excuse “but it’s impossible because the standard model!” will fly. BLP has never been sued for fraud and they have multiple third party tests from numerous university labs that support their claims.

From Blacklight Power’s website:

Blacklight vigorously disputes the allegations of fraud by certain anonymous Wikipedia editors, and has announced intentions to proceed legally against individuals and entities that assert these false allegations. To this end, it has recently filed a defamation action in New Jersey, see: NJ Civil Case Information Statement

The BlackLight Power Inc. Wikipedia page was amended with the notification of the filing of the defamation suit that was promptly removed in conflict with the rules Wikipedia claims that it adheres to. The Wikipedia page prior to being censored by an anonymous Wikipedia editor can be found at this link: Wikipedia PDF

Gotta love the fact that the science mods let unsupported libel fly on Wiki because they are terrified of any threat to their precious standard model.

For those of you who are curious what kind of proof Blacklight has to support their claims, here’s three independent university labs confirming Mills findings: Urbana-Champaign UniversityAuburn University, and Rowan University.  Oh, and they have quite a few more PhD’s besides those three who are willing to testify that their process is legitimate.  Mills and his associates have also published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals that support their claims.

You can listen to Dr. Nick Glumac discuss his findings here:

“I’ve been interested in the Blacklight material for quite an number of years… since about the mid 90s. …

I have rigs running in my lab right now based on the basic principles provided by Blacklight over the number of years. …

As far as the systems you saw today, the SunCell system and these systems where you get a lot of light output…commercial photovoltaic technology will couple very well to the emission from those systems. …

I offer my endorsement of the techniques and results presented here.”

Given that the Wiki trolls can cite absolutely no one who has tested Mills process and found it to be fraudulent, while Mills can produce dozens of PhDs who have tested his process and found it to be legitimate, it should be a slam dunk win in favor of Mills.

Here’s Dr. Peter Jansson of Rowan University demonstrating BLP’s hydrino catalyst:

And here’s a test run of their catalyst that will be used to power a solar cell array:

Blacklight expects to have a self-running prototype of the SunCell ready within six months.  They already have working models of their CIHT Cells.

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  • Jay

    I believe that Blacklight may have something but living well is the best revenge. Who really cares what anybody says in a wiki talk page?