Catastrophism, Plasma Cosmology and Genetic Expression

Interesting title, no?

I bet your asking yourself what the hell all of those things have in common that would necessitate my listing them in the article title.  Some of you might not even know what a few of those things are.

I recently wrote an article commenting on molecular changes produced by meditation, in which I also talked about the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton.  Lipton is a cellular biologist who did a lot of work in the field of genetics.  He came to realize that genes didn’t control cellular behavior like everyone thought they did, rather the cells seemed to respond purely to their environment.

Lipton notes that this realization that cells respond purely to environmental cues could be extrapolated to all aspects of life.  Since genes don’t control behavior, Lipton posits that life undergoes more of a Lamarckian system of evolution rather than a Darwinian system of evolution.

Lipton goes into great detail about why this is so in this two hour long lecture on the subject.  If you haven’t seen this yet, I highly recommend taking the time to view it.  Lipton is an excellent and entertaining speaker.  He explains everything in simple terms anyone can understand.  In order to understand this article, you need to be familiar with the evidence Lipton presents.

So let’s take Lipton’s theory at face value.  Let’s assume that life evolves based on its environment, rather than random coincidental additive genetic mutations (If you can’t tell, I find that to be a joke of a theory.)  And then let’s apply this theory to the theory of plasma cosmology and see where it takes us.

Plasma cosmology posits that the plasma that pervades all of space has some electrical current running through it.  This makes sense, considering that all plasma we can measure here on Earth has a current running through it.  The standard theory of cosmology ignores anything electrical.  General relativity is purely based on gravity, and has no place for electrified space plasma.

To further understand this article, you need to be familiar with a few more videos.  If you haven’t seen Thunderbolts of the Gods, Symbols of an Alien Sky, and The Lighting Scarred Planet Mars, you’re not going to understand the rest of this article.

As Symbols of an Alien Sky explains, plasma cosmology assumes the Earth underwent a recent dramatic change in its stellar environment (Velikovskian catastrophism).  Human civilization seems to have sprung from nothing.  Not all that long ago, suddenly an outpouring of myth occurred across all of the Earth.  Civilizations seemingly appeared out of nowhere across the globe simultaneously, all worshiping seemingly bizarre mythologies.  Ever ask yourself why pyramids appear all over the globe, from Egypt to China to Central America at virtually the same time in history?

Lets assume plasma cosmology is correct in its mythological interpretations and Lipton is correct about his theory of life evolving based on its environment.  With this two pronged approach, suddenly we get a remarkably clear view of where mankind  came from and where it is going.

Environments that don’t change end up with stagnant evolutionary growth. It’s interesting to note that sharks, and many other forms of sea life, seem to be unchanged from their prehistoric fossil records.  It’s also interesting to note that we find sea life fossils all over the continents.  Obviously at some point in the past, much of the continents we know today must have been underwater for this to be the case.

Our theories point to the simple observation that when the environment of the Earth changes, life evolves.  And our theories also point to the fact that the environment of the Earth has changed rapidly and dramatically in the recent past.  So that leaves us with the understanding that mankind is still undergoing rapid evolutionary changes in his struggle to adapt to this new environment.

We are not finished adapting, not by a long shot.  Recorded history is barely 2,500 years old!  Think about that!  If we assume the Earth is 4.5 billion of years old, modern “civilized” man has only been around for 1/1,800,000th of Earth’s history!  That’s nothing!  How long was life evolving before that?

On the whole, mankind’s consciousness is still trying to adapt to this relatively new environment we find ourselves in.  And it’s not just mankind!  All creatures, except perhaps those in the oceans, are undergoing rapid evolutionary changes as well.  All life on Earth is in the process of rapid evolutionary growth due to the recent dramatic change in Earth’s environment.

The mass wars, the mass looting, the creation of state mafias, are all evolutionary growing pains.  The good news is that our new theory predicts these things are temporary in nature.  Consciousness is the driving factor of evolutionary growth, as our senses and thoughts control our biological evolution in response to our environment.

Further looking at the role of consciousness in this universe, it’s clear that our feelings and emotions are non-physical.  The very definition of qualia states, “a term used in philosophy to refer to individual instances of subjective, conscious experience.”  Physical systems are objective, not subjective.

Consciousness is non-physical in nature.  It’s not possible for a purely physicalist system to have non-physical phenomena within it.  You can’t take red Lego blocks and build a blue object.  Likewise, it’s not possible to start with purely physical entities and build non-physical entities, such as the qualia of our subjective experience.  I go into much greater detail about why this is so here.

I think humanity coming to understand the non-physical nature of consciousness is a key factor in the evolutionary growth of humanity.  As humans become more evolved, more and more people will begin to recognize this fact, rather than paying lip service to it at church once a week.

Understanding the true nature of our experience allows us to act with compassion and empathy towards others who would do us harm.  It’s very common to see an atheist act ethically, but it’s not very common to see an atheist act with empathy and compassion towards those who would do him harm.  In fact, it’s not even common for a Christian to do that.  If Christians actually practiced what Christ preached, there would be no republican warmongers.  I think this is because, deep down, most Christians don’t believe in their own religion.  Contrast those two groups with spiritualist pot smoking hippies.  Who’s the most peaceful bunch of them all?

Perhaps this next stage of rapid human evolution will take place entirely in the brain, rather than in the body.  Our bodies already have all the physicality we need to live comfortably on this planet, what we lack is compassion, empathy and peaceful co-existence.  What we lack is anarcho-capitalism.  Live and let live.

Overcoming fear is the next great evolutionary hurdle for mankind.  Ultimately, fear must be overcome by letting go of our attachment to the idea of death being a permanent end, rather than an evolutionary process.

Someday some people who are more brilliant that I am will put all of this together in a meaningful scientific fashion, but until then it’s nice to have at least a working understanding of our past and why things are the way they are.