Sirius Documentary

What are your thoughts on this?

I find two things to be rather strange about the UFO evidence to-date.

1.  If a UFO wanted to make itself visible to the world, it could do so in an unmistakable way quite easily.  So why all the screwing around?

2.  If aliens had the technological know-how to reach Earth, it seems highly unlikely that their ships would ever crash land.   Think about how rare it is for an airliner to malfunction in mid flight from a mechanical failure and crash.  I have to believe this would be an even rarer event for a spaceship with the capabilities being described in the video.  Yet in the video, several instances of crashes were being described.

One thing I found rather interesting was the description of a crashed spaceship that was loaded with self-illuminating fiber-optic cables.  Back in June, HP came out with a new type of computer that uses fiber-optics instead of metal wires.

Ultimately, I think the debate over visiting UFOs is rather pointless until one decides to plop itself down in the middle of Times Square.

Here’s another UFO documentary that I think is worth watching.

In an interesting development, a few days ago Snowden leaked documents revealed the purposeful dissemination of fake UFO material by the US government.  Along with this, a new documentary has been produced that claims the US government was behind almost all of the UFO evidence that has come out.  The documentary claims the US government even drove one UFO researcher into psychiatric treatment by continually tricking him with fake evidence.  The article also mentions “silent helicopters” – which could potentially explain the Phoenix Lights UFO sighting.  Hang some lights on a formation of silent helicopters and suddenly you have a UFO fleet.

  • 77Jack

    I don’t spend much time on UFOs but…

    1. Why do people always assume that, if there are aliens flying around in UFO, they want to let us know about it? Like you said they could easily show themselves to us. However, if they were studying a primitive species then it’d make sense that they wouldn’t want their presence known…kinda like the prime directive in Star Trek.

    Or maybe they aren’t nice and have teamed up with the ruling class to harvest a certain amount of people each year to experiment on and/or feed on.

    Or maybe they rule the world from behind the scenes. The ruling class doesn’t seem to care about the planet or anything on it..maybe it’s because they aren’t actually from here.

    2. Agreed. I would think it’s more likely that the crashed UFOs are experimental terrestrial craft.

    At any rate, while I wouldn’t devote my life to specifically studying UFOs I don’t think it’s a complete waste of time. The more I learn the more I realize how little I know and there is something far bigger going on than a few crazy people who see lights in the sky.

    If you don’t just look at the UFO/alien thing in isolation and allow yourself to take in “crackpot” information and entertain “kooky” ideas, the pattern that appears, fantastic as it is, makes far more sense than what we’ve been conditioned to believe.

  • Tom

    UFO? That would explain where Barry Obama and Hillary Clinton came from.