Cops Arrest Two Extremely Dangerous Individuals, Charged With Sex Crimes

A 20 year old woman and a 25 year old man were arrested in Effingham County, Georgia after the two allegedly had consensual sex with each other in a tractor trailer.  The two had apparently just finished watching the movie The Notebook.

Police were called to the scene of the crime by a passer-by who reported a prowler in the neighborhood in the early morning hours.  The two were spotted walking down the road, apparently minding their own business.

After spotting the two alleged sex offenders, the police used intimidation techniques on the two in order to obtain a confession of their sins.  The police came to believe the two were engaged in an improper relationship, resulting in their apprehension.

The residents of Effingham can rest easy tonight knowing these two dangerous individuals are behind bars.  The two have been charged with incest, aggravated sodomy and prowling.  The state will spare no public expense in order to see these two alleged criminals are brought to justice.

In addition to being arrested for their sins, the two have also had their mugshots plastered across national media, making sure everyone in the US knows what kind of people they are.  Thank god for the police.

On an unrelated note, police in New Jersey threw passengers out of a car and left them stranded after a vigilant police officer spotted them getting a ride from an Uber driver.  Apparently these passengers were unaware of the grave danger they faced from this menace to society.  The officer let them know how much danger they were in, then cited the driver with a $1000 dollar fine.

  • OneManITDept

    Major fact left out of your reporting…they are brother and sister.

    • I find that fact to be irrelevant.

      • OneManITDept

        You do…but other’s do not. You cannot be a purveyor of truth if you commit sins of omission.

        In one fell swoop you have convinced me that this is not a website to get actual news with facts…it is a place like many other places where people want to select only what they want you to hear/read.

        Removing bookmark.

        • There’s no omission. I clearly stated the reasons why they were arrested. Have a nice life.

    • info_bomber

      Why is that a major fact? They were both consenting adults their relation, while I do find it reprehensible morally, my morality is highly unimportant, as should yours. To have a crime especially of the sexual manner should there not be a victim? Who is the victim in this case, the female gave her consent and was of age to give it, the male gave his consent and was of age to give it, was the state violated by this act, why, because it made up some law to make criminal something that it thinks is “icky?” I am surely not condoning the brother sister behavior, but where is the crime?

      • OneManITDept

        I didn’t say there was a crime. What we have in America is a real problem where all of the facts are not reported. My issue is with that. When people begin arbitrarily leaving out facts in a report, then all you have in gossip.

        That two people got busted for having sex is not a news story. It doesn’t make any sense at all. People have sex every single day, some have sex many times a day and some not so much. So, there is no reason for a story to be reported about people having sex. But the issue was not that a couple had sex. The issue is that a couple who are brother and sister had sex. And THAT is why the charges came up. Context is not only everything, it is the only thing.

        Lets look at another issue that when viewed in context changes the whole story and actually becomes an entirely different story. Electric Vehicles. GM can barely make a VOLT without it falling apart, not working correctly, taking forever to charge, being expensive as hell in all aspects to own and run and their excuse is that electric vehicles are new and so therefore blahblahblah. Bullshit. Whatever happened to the EV1 by GM…a car that is still quite comparable to electric cars today in range, reliability, distance and cost? The Chevy Volt is NOT GM’s first foray into Electric Vehicles and so therefore NONE of the sad little excuses work for them when viewed in context that the Chevy Volt is the SECOND production electric car that GM has tackled. But…most people would never know any of that if they hadn’t had it all put into context.

        When the New Media begins to do the same things that the Old Media does and did…it quickly become the old media.

        • info_bomber

          The crimes where sexual assault, the brother and sister gives the exact amount of “ick” factor that people lose sight that these two individuals had consensual relations with each other and subsequently got arrested, if they had been charged with trespassing you and I would likely not be having this argument. This is a case where the prosecution is “overcharging” to elicit a non-jury trial so that the victims/criminals do not have to face the embarrassment of making their icky tryst a matter of judicial record (cant say prevent public record in this case…oops).

          Again I call you out and ask what is major about the fact that these two adults are blood kin? To me that information is about propaganda and rhetoric more so than being the actual facts of the case. Where I understand your contempt for lack of all the information, I think the lack of the information codifies the particulars of the story much better than if you had known they were brother and sister because knowing that you understandably get very uncomfortable because of your own ideas of right and wrong. I still say that knowing they are brother and sister is just a nuance and the story is that 2 adults are being charged with sex crimes despite their relationship being consensual, yes I am having a hard time with this without puking all over the keyboard.

          • OneManITDept

            I want all the information that is available. You obviously do not and that is fine. But I want all that is available. Since I can’t get it here…I will go somewhere else.