Cops Assault Man With Huntington’s Disease For “Resisting”

In the video, you can see Jeffery Brian Bane, 39 of Granville WV, having his face ground into the concrete for 10 minutes as he screams for help.  Then you’ll see him making uncontrollable jerky body movements which causes the cops to yell, “he’s trying to kick me!” as they monkey-pile on him.

Jeffery Bane is 5’7″ tall and weighs 150 lbs and he’s terminally ill, yet it takes a battalion of tax-fattened porkers 10 minutes to “subdue” Bane and bring him into custody, along with the reported use of mace.

According to the Dominion Post, Bane was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, obstructing an officer and battery on an officer – all contempt of cop charges.  The police said they were called to the scene because of a report of child abuse; however, Bane was not charged with child abuse.

The criminal complaint said Bane had his two children with him and appeared to be under the influence of narcotics, which is a joke.  There was no mention of Huntington’s disease in the Post article, which I assume means there was no mention of it in the police report either.

The cops claim Bane became combative with them when they tried to restrain him, spitting and kicking them.  The video shows that to be a big fat lie.  The report doesn’t state exactly why they felt the need to “restrain” Bane in the first place, given that they never filed charges of child abuse against him.

Bane was actually choking on his own blood, which caused him to spit, and in the throws of chorea caused by his disease.  Huntington’s disease causes jerky, random, and uncontrollable movements called chorea in its victims.

The Dominion Post article is clearly regurgitated from the police report, with no original reporting being done on the subject.  It’s a disgusting piece of “news,” if you can even call it that.

Remember to ask yourself how this story would be playing out in court for Jeffery had this woman not bothered to video record the incident.

A comment on the video reads:

the one that was talking to you his name is Arron Dalton and he used to work for the Fairmont Wv City police and was terminated and he went to Granville Police Department please beware of that officer

A Fairmont officer named Arron Dalton was a defendant in a lawsuit for assault in 2010.  The victim ended up with a fractured nose; two black eyes; a cut over one of his eyes; bruises behind his ears, on his ribs and on his left leg; a lacerated elbow; and ripped ears, according to the suit.  That same officer was involved in an illegal search and racial profiling case that tore up a man’s car for an hour after he got into a minor traffic accident.

Bane’s nephew Josh Bane made a statement to the Free Thought Project:

As my uncle and his two children headed towards the store before heading to the park together they crossed an intersection to the other side when the stroller became hung up on the curb. As the light changed, to keep his children out of harms way he hurriedly put his two year old on the curb, told her to stay put and pulled the stroller up on the curb.

In this moment someone mistook my uncles actions to keep his kids safe as child abuse. The police were then called and approached him down the street and began to question him. Assuming because of his appearance he was high on narcotics with out reason they began to subdue him, macing and beating him in the head as he fell to his face were he was then held with a great amount of force by two officers double his size as a third one landed on his torso.

For the the next ten minutes as my cousins watch unattended, my uncle pleads and cries out in pain for the lack of breath and agony being applied to him.

Unknown to the police my uncle suffers from Huntington’s disease. For those unfamiliar it is very similar to Parkinson’s. So as he lay there uncontrollably moving due to his terminal condition, he is forcefully detained to the point of screaming for help. He is spitting blood and drowning in it and the officer holding his head only applies more pressure and instructs him to “quit spitting”.

He went on to say this in a Facebook post:


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  • Sharon McClellan BelieveinaCur

    I’ve lived with loved ones with HD for over 30 years, and I can tell you that the treatment of this man is sickening and outrageous!!! I’ve shared this in every HD group I belong to and am sharing with HDSA. I hope this goes viral, and I hope this man’s family gets the justice he deserves!!! God bless the woman who stopped and made the video, refused to stop videoing, and called an ambulance, though as far as I can tell, an ambulance never showed up. I hope the family sues the bastards on the behalf of this man!!!!

    • Thanks for sharing this Sharon. I agree with you, it’s outrageous.

  • Daisyhead

    Huntington’s Disease is a death sentence! Please have empathy on Jeffrey Bane and his family! We need treatments and a cure for Huntington’s Disease before another family suffers! Peace!

  • Dave Hodgson

    I just emailed the Granville Police Dept., and I suggested they call HDSA and request a copy of the Law Enforcement Kit. I also suggested they request an in-service from someone who has a high knowledge of Huntington’s Disease.

    • Nancy Liccione

      I watched this video in horror and remembrance of how people with this disease are treated by ALL first responders and especially police. This man was clearly so emaciated from his terminal illness (HUNTINGTON’S DISEASE) he was placed in a near fatal assault by a bunch of overeating ignorant gorillas. It very clear when he was partially released he could not resist. His frail body gave every indication that the officers were wrong and assaulted him. I can not find words for my outrage. This has happened three times in my family to sufferers of this terrible disease.(HUNTINGTON’S DISEASE) One resulted in death as my mother choked on and inhaled her own vomit.

    • Tara Hansen

      I would think that the HDSA would be there and askingto hold a in service,, but i am sure they are too busy collecting more money …., So i have I sent the governer a email and also the town .,, there is no excuse for this

  • Tom

    Obviously the local courts and media will do all they can to cover for the abusive cops. The video and a couple of sharp attorneys taking this to a federal court should do the trick, and bankrupt the cops and their city. These cops need to be sued personally as well.

  • Merrilie Nevdahl Davidson

    I have a nephew with HD and a close friend, a former veterinarian, also with HD. I shudder to think what was going through this man’s mind. He must have thought he was going to die right there. In the early stages my friend would walk his dog and people would call the police to report an intoxicated man. Luckily in his small community he was well known and a lot of the cops had been his clients. These officers were so out of control they have no business being in law enforcement. The dept. they work for, the city, and the officers themselves should have to support him for what ever amount of time he has left and when he is gone, a time that has surely been speeded up by this assault, should have to support his family for the rest of their lives. This is hard to watch especially if you know or love someone with HD. Please share this with everyone you know in hopes it might save other HD people from having to experience an atrocity like this.

  • poopshitblagh

    wait that was a woman’s voice?

  • Whateva

    Everyone needs to read the updated news story and listen to the 911 phone calls! The mother of the children had a neighbor call 911 out of concern for her children, one of the children was not his. They’d gotten into a physical altercation the night before because she was going to leave him, so he was angry! The suspects family continues to deceive people and try to gain sympathy for his “illness”.

    • I’ve listened to the phone calls and read the updates, and I didn’t see any new evidence that required police to grind Bane’s head into the concrete for 10 minutes.

      This is a character assassination piece directed at Bane to distract from the police misconduct.

      Just because Bane isn’t an angel in his private life doesn’t mean that gives the police carte blanche to beat the shit out of him.

  • patriot156

    Exaclty why the Constitution warns against a long standing army. Cops are most certainly part of this so don’t comment saying I’m wrong for I have researched the constitution and other sources that confirm that cops ae thought of as a militia and therefore a long standing army!
    Disband them now! then these kinds of abuses won’t happen.
    Things like this don’t happen if your not violating the Constitution, and bill of rights.
    If not disband, then even if not knowing he had this disease is not an excuse. Could of asked him if he has some kind of disease or under treatement for something instead of assuming the worst.
    For me its take back the Republic first then talk law later.

  • Mike Golden

    My advice is to avoid the police at all costs even when you think you need them. They should be your choice of last resort. They are no longer friends of the communities they work in. Our country has truly become a police state, with Nazi type policies. Their police policies say that what they did is OK, so they do it, because they can. Until their policies change it will continue to happen.