Blacklight Power Nears Completion of Prototype Free Energy Device

Although I use the term “free energy” in the title, it’s not really “free,”  it’s just really really really cheap and clean.  A company called Blacklight Power is nearing completion of a prototype generator that will change the world as we know it.

The generator operates by pumping a hydrated powder catalyst through a series of rotating electrodes that cause the water in the powder to explode in a brilliant flash of light.  The light that is generated is the exact same spectrum as sunlight, and the flash can be upwards of 50,000 times brighter than sunlight.

After the powder is detonated, it is recycled and rehydrated, then sent back through the system to explode once again.  This means the system only consumes water, and it obtains the water it needs by sucking it out of the atmosphere.  It generates no pollution and it will have a 25 year warranty.

When this system is combined with the latest in solar cell technology, the light can be used to power a generator capable of producing 10 megawatts of power.  A 10 megawatt generator is capable of powering a small city.  The generator itself is a relatively simple device that’s small enough to fit inside a car’s engine space.

Obviously this generator will change the entire global energy market.  Blacklight estimates the cost per kilowatt of power to be around 100 times less than coal.  Blacklight plans to have a prototype generator operational in less than six months.  Their last estimate put prototype completion at about three months from now.

Last week Blacklight closed on $16 million in private equity funding to finish up prototype development.

Several independent labs have confirmed Blacklight’s process:

Blacklight held a public demonstration of their technology in July:

The company founder, Dr. Randal Mills, recently gave a radio interview on the Rense Radio Network, where he talks about how and when they will be taking their generator to market.

  • Amos

    If Blacklight Power comes up with a working prototype with the high COP they promised then the world will never again be the same.

  • bert 76543

    Something that produces 10,000,000 watts of power can’t fit in a car’s engine space. All the power cables coming away from the device would take up more space than that. How many solar cells does it take to generate that much power? Wonderful if it was true, but I wouldn’t put my money on it.

    • gabydewilde

      Solar cells can convert a lot more than 1X sunlight. This one here takes 2000 X the sun.

      You can see the problem there is in the size of the mirror. Mills talks about cells that can take 50 000 times more light. If you would use a mirror for that it would have to be 25 times larger than the dish shown in the picture in the cleantechnica article. It wouldn’t make much sense for each dish to be that big. A row of smaller dishes would be easier to manage.

      • Kenneth Brunstein

        Its more like a mirror in a police station that lets light through watch his video he explains it very good it will just take 2 hours of your day.

    • Kenneth Brunstein

      hes building a smaller model that is 100-200 kilowatts the power comes from light so you can use as much of it as you want the access light is blocked. Aslo the solid fuel can be changed to better suit any CPV

    • Kenneth Brunstein

      Correct thats why they are only using a few CPVs to make elictricity because all the light dose not have to be used, with the unit that fits in a square foot they have 50 1000X CPVs. A 40 watt cpv is like 10 millimeters.

  • Kenneth Brunstein

    It is DC most of the electronics in your house that have a motor are DC so there is a conversion process that takes place to use your washer and a lot of energy is lost in conversion. This will give your house no need for the grid it will hook directly to your house. Since DC dose not travel far. You can have a car powered off of it. All thannks to CPV advancements we can have alot of power in a small place. Read about CPV technology its not science fiction its science fact get ready for a cleaner future. Dont be scared.

  • Fred Zoepfl

    Long live hydrinos!!! What an enormous crock of BS this is. No STEM-educated person could possibly believe this delusional nonsense.

    • Does someone pay you to go around to various science articles and post ridiculous troll comments, or do you just do this as a side hobby for fun? Because that seems the be the entire premise of your Disqus account.

      • Fred Zoepfl

        The truth always hurts, sweetie.

    • Kenneth Brunstein

      Forget about Hydrinos it dose not matter only the light. The funny thing is if somone asked what is the biproduct of the plasma they would say none because they would’nt be looking for the hydrino. Than when they do find out he is telling the truth people like you would jump up and say well how do we know how this effects us. Its like the never ending war on terror. Except its the never ending war on scientist.

      • Rick E.

        IF all of this is true, our government WILL find a way to either make it illegal, or tax the living hell out of it to reduce its usability and availability to the common citizen.
        However that being said, I sincerely hope that you’re correct!

        • Kenneth Brunstein

          thats would be a bummer. Its such a simple design it would’nt take long for the garage scientist to replcate it and so others.

        • Kyle J Marsh

          Don’t worry Rick – it’s fake. But you want to know what’s not fake and is already coming down the pipeline to change the way power is generated? Molten Salt Cooled reactors. Look it up it’s very exciting.

    • Kyle J Marsh

      Fred! Thank god someone else with a brain on this site. It’s really enjoyable to see how fervently people will believe this stuff isn’t it?

      • FredZ

        Kyle, Thanks for your reply. The “lunatic fringe” is alive and well. Check out this website:
        My “25 words or less” comment got me banned from I’m amazed they didn’t remove it. That’s the true libertarian philosophy: censorship.
        The author of this drivel is a paid stooge for Randy Mills and Blacklight Power.

    • Panda

      You don’t believe in observation, fact, and cause and effect but I bet you have no problems believing in dead and alive cats, infinite electron mass, negative energy, virtual particles, non causality, parallel universes, and mind universes right? Am I right? Moron.

      • FredZ

        How could you possibly know what I believe? I would call you a “moron” too, but that would be an insult to morons everywhere. Where do pandas learn physics??

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  • Kenneth Brunstein

    Mills is done trying to explain to people about hydrinos. He has moved on. He has already proven that he can make a light source 10,000-75,000 times the sun using low volt and high amp. So try to discredit light fools. STUPID PEOPLE SHOULD NOT OWN COMPUTERS.

    • FredZ

      Then how in God’s name did anyone let you have access to a computer??? Mills has been deluding himself and gullible fools like you for over two decades. He has pissed away over $80 million with no viable commercial product. So who’s stupid now? I have a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering and over 40 years of experience in the nuclear industry. What are your credentials? And God said, “Let there be light.” You dope.

      • John

        Mill’s has spent 80 million developing commercial applications of a theory which will shortly be recognized as grand unified theory. 10,000 quantum fraudsters have spent over 10 billion of public funds to pursue dreams of fairy godmothers and unicorns to produce a particle that has zero proof of confering mass to anything. There are 19 adjustable parameters in the standard model and the Schrodinger equation can’t even predict the simplest of atomic systems other than curve fit a solution for hydrogen. QM research is welfare for fraudsters. You and your cronies should be forced to pay tax payers back for perpetuating one of the largest frauds in the history of science. Remember this post when you are watching the news and the big annoucement comes. Until then enjoy living in your parallel mind universe.

        • Love it.

        • FredZ

          We’ve all been waiting for Blacklight Power’s “big announcement” for over 20 years! Where’s the beef? No one is ever going to recognize the rantings of a bona fide lunatic as a “grand unified theory” of anything. At some point, theory has to be tested against reality. No working commercially available device, no reality.

          • We’ve all been waiting for a unified field theory for over a hundred years. Where’s the beef!?

      • Kenneth Brunstein

        Well you better keep trying to discredit forward thinkers because your technology that’s destroyed the earth is going out the door. I have a computer because I have a degree in computer science. So I can fix people with a PhDs computers and networks because they can’t rap their mind around new science. Oh the science you got a phd in was discredited just the same and proven by looking to the stars just like Mills.

        • Kenneth Brunstein

          Oh and you believe in god but cant prove it. You probably pray to a German Jesus from Africa hanging on a pagan symbol and finish your prayer with an Egyptian god Amun.

          • FredZ

            You really should get some professional psychiatric help, before they commit you to a mental institution.

          • Kenneth Brunstein

            Thank you for the compliment?

  • Deepak Saharan

    I could not find any updates from last around 4 months. They were going to complete prototype . Could someone provide me link for some updates in last few months.

    • They haven’t issued any updates since their last demo. The last update was in September when they announced closing on 16 million in venture capital to complete the prototype development. At that time, Mills said it would take them 4 to 6 months for a prototype.

  • sourdough

    Mills has been making clames for the last 20 or so years but has yet to put the first watt to the grid.
    He has clamed his products would be “on the market within a year” for the last 15 years and still nothing to sell.

  • David Turner

    I don’t understand the level of anger a guy like Mills seems to generate. I have been kind of watching and reading about this guy for the last fifteen years and the thing that strikes me the most about him is his complete and utter disregard for the criticism he receives from the scientific community. I cannot claim to understand completely what he is doing but I do get the impression that he is sincere. I see the same inflexible and dogmatic attitudes in the scientific community as I do in any religion you care to mention. here’s a quote that seems to apply,

    Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

    Albert Einstein

  • Dougie Bloggs

    I can generate 75 BTU’s of heat just spanking the monkey and I can tell you that my claim is far more realistic than this rubbish. All BLP will succeed in doing is making the world pregnant.