The Male Transformation Video Lecture Collection

This post contains a collection of videos that I believe will overturn a lifetime of mainstream social conditioning, which have destroyed the heart and soul of most men in western civilization.

I’ve taken the time to cull through thousands of lectures on the subjects listed in order to put a nice condensed package together.  Bookmark this page and return to it regularly.  It’s a great resource to help you purge the negative social conditioning, fear and lies that society has been dumping into your brain since the time of your birth.

Your existing belief structure will be challenged at every level by these videos; from what you think about women and relationships, to the very foundations of science.  You may find yourself becoming angry at times. This is to be expected. The key is to be honest with yourself, keep an open mind and ask yourself what is conflicting with your present beliefs to provoke a reaction of anger.  Facing cognitive dissonance is always a difficult undertaking.

The concepts being conveyed in this collection of videos are timeless.  Whether you come upon this material now or a hundred years from now, it will still be as relevant then as it is today.  The physical laws, economic laws and social dynamics that govern our reality do not change with time.  They are built into the very fabric of the universe we inhabit.

If you see a full video load up, that means it’s a video you should really take the time to watch above all others because it is of particular importance. Videos in red highlighting are the second most important videos you should watch. Individual videos are preceded by a bullet point icon, while collections and resources have no bullet point.

On Relationships And Becoming A Man

Balding Ginger Destroys A Chode And Makes Out With Two Girls At The Same Time

Fast Newbie Guide: How To Pick Up Girls, Get Laid And Get A Kick Ass Girlfriend!

If you are frustrated and depressed, take moment to review these videos.  You may not have the drive and motivation to be able to make the necessary changes to your sex life because of physical problems with your brain.

Women and Lifestyle


RSD Free Tour Seminars

RSD Free Tour Video Library

RSD Tyler

Tyler’s Video Library

RSD Todd

Todd’s Video Library

Todd’s Free Tour Library

RSD Julien

Julien’s Video Library

Julien’s Free Tour Library

Other Instructors

Brendon Burchard

RSD Brad


RSD Jeffy

Sasha Day Game

Richard LaRuina

The Natural TV

London Real

The 21 Convention

David Di Angelo

Elliott Hulse

Infield Collections

Related Self Development

David Deida

Dale Carnegie 

Tim Ferris and Neil Strauss

The 21 Convention

The 21 Convention Video Library (contains a wealth of excellent information)

On Spiritual Enlightenment

Alan Watts

Alan Watts Lectures

Eckhart Tolle

I highly recommend reading The Power of Now

Eckhart Tolle Videos

Dr. Eben Alexander

Eben Alexander Videos

Dr. Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell videos

Notable Videos On Consciousness

Theophysical Society Videos

Nour Foundation Videos

On Science

The Thunderbolts Project

Thunderbolts Videos

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton Videos

Dr. Gerald Pollack 

Gerald Pollack Videos

Dr. Randal Mills

On Economics, Politics and History

The Mises Institute



Mises Institute Videos

Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux Videos

Murray Rothbard

Additional Resources

Foundation for Economic Education

Learn Liberty

Liberty In Our Time

Liberty Pen

Reason TV

Tom Woods TV



Inactive links


RSD Alexander

This is a complete program on pickup and self-worth:

  1. The Attraction Manifesto: The Natural Instinct Method
  2. Physical Game In The Natural Instinct Method
  3. Create Initiative In The Natural Instinct Method
  4. Enduring Tests in the Natural Instinct Method

Alexander’s Video Library

RSD Valentino

RSD Ozzie

  • Nostate

    Thanks for sharing. Will check it out.

  • Brenden Kaemmer

    Honestly, i think you need less focus on RSD and more focus on THE21CONVENTION, Anthony has created in my opinion the most remarkable resource for Male Transformation on this earth.

    • Brenden Kaemmer

      Also, of course, his speakers play a huge part in the convention, and they provide the information, but as a whole it teaches you the reality of exercise, dating, entrepreneurship, self defense, love, egoism, relationships, sex, life, liberty, and philosophy.

    • Michael Suede

      The 21 Convention is linked in the page resources. I reference RSD because I think they have the most entertaining speakers.