Predicable Plummeting Oil Prices

Oil prices will continue to decline.

The vast decline in oil prices is due to insiders getting out of oil before free energy hits the mainstream.

Blacklight Power is months, or perhaps just weeks, away from announcing a megawatt capable generator that runs on nothing but water.

Keep watching the oil prices drop like a stone.

I predicted this, just like I predicted bitcoin would go to the moon when it was still in the single digits.


  • Jonathan Jaech

    That’s a bold claim Michael. I hope you are correct, but in view of a long string of unfulfilled promises by proponents of free energy, I have my doubts. Conventional theories ascribing the drop to a combination of technology (fracking) and geopolitical (Sunni/Shia struggle for control of Syria) factors seems more credible to me.

  • Deus ex machina

    I am baffled.
    How do we live in a world in which one ruthlessly tricks nations by false flag events to commit suicide, yet carelessly allows to be thwarted by a small company? This isn’t the spontanouse order of the internet popping up from the blue, this would be a long known secret.

    Is blacklight too public to destroy? Is this part of a planned collapse to make the debt vanish?
    How do the powers that be benefit from this?

  • Matthew Alexander

    This is indeed an exciting possibility, but could it not also be the case the the crash in oil is, like it was in 2008, simply a harbinger of the coming economic collapse?

  • anoni81b4u

    I got all happy when I found a new web site with news. Then I saw that they were reporting about a power plant that runs on water.. so I didn’t find any news after all … Just bull shit !