Plasma Cosmology Predicted In A Near Death Experience?

I found this woman’s account of a near death experience to be rather interesting.

We were traveling upward, I suppose.  My own vibration was changing.  There was a big change in frequency.  Like I was tuning into a different radio station on a grand scale.  I was out in the Universe, and I was being given a kind of show.  Like having an astronomy teacher speak on the beauty of the Universe while laying under the stars at night.  But I was out there amidst them.  And this part seems to have been made foggy for me since my return, but I remember vaguely that during this scene, I saw something like holographic words and numbers move in front of me past the stars… and it felt like I was being downloaded with information.  I felt at that time that I understood EVERYTHING.  That I felt the full truth of Laws and Order in the Universe.  One thing that I held onto was the beautiful MATH of the Universe.  I remember coming to understand that there was an supreme and perfect kind of MATH that was in and of ALL things that existed.  I remember being told something about Einstein!  I was so excited.  It was such a pleasant experience.  I was also shown how there is a kind of clock-work in the sky.  How the stars themselves actually hold a sort of map or mathematical Key to everything that is!  “You are written in the stars,” I was told!  EVERYTHING is!  I recall how THRILLING this part of my NDE was for me.

I was also told that this map in the stars.. the keys that are hidden there have been known for a long time, and that these things have been sorely corrupted and turned into things of ill purpose in most cases on our planet.

Plasma cosmology was first preached by Kristian Birkeland back in the late 1800s.  The story of electrified space has been corrupted and turned into things of ill purpose.  Billions are wasted on fraudulent nonsense like the LIGO every year.  Some scientists are even willing to admit the whole thing is a big fat lie in private correspondence!

And of course, plasma cosmology does predict a “map to everything” is written in the stars.  Since all stars are linked to one another by galactic currents, and all galaxies are linked to one another by intergalactic currents, and since all currents must be part of a circuit, and since all circuits can be mapped, we could potentially get a “map to everything.”

Food for thought.

The rest of her experience is a very interesting read btw.

  • Semi-Aquatic Anthropoids

    I wouldn’t cite hallucinations as proof of anything besides that hallucinations exist. Who cares what a person thinks is true while their mind is in a state that lacks reason and understanding. Might as well say that eggs are neat or that horses are your favorite animals.

    • I like that you’re irritated enough to comment. That’s why I posted this.

      • Semi-Aquatic Anthropoids

        Stupidity is irritating,