Calorie Restriction vs. Protein Restriction To Live Longer – Who Wins?

Dr. Michael Greger explains why reducing our consumption of the protein leucine could dramatically increase the length of our lives.  Leucine is predominately found in animal products.

  • ThePragmaticPurist

    So what meat alternative sources of protein are without leucine? Beans, raw vegetable protein and hemp protein? Do those sources have this kind of protein?

    • Plant sources have it, but in much smaller amounts than meat.

  • LogicalReason

    Leucine is not a protein, it’s an ESSENTIAL amino acid. It’s a BCAA, your body cannot recover from a catabolic state of stress without leucine. Conflating the source of leucine with leucine itself is mainstream medical model #1.

    An excess of leucine will lead to B vitamin deficiency
    “An excessively high intake of leucine has also been linked to the development of pellagra, a deficiency of the vitamin niacin that causes dermatitis, diarrhea, and mental disorders. Too much leucine in the diet can disrupt liver and kidney function and increase the amount of ammonia in the body. People with impaired liver or kidney function should not take isoleucine without first consulting a physician, as large doses of amino acids may aggravate these conditions.