Second Strategy to Cooking Broccoli

A re-post from  Dr. Greger explains how to obtain maximum cancer destroying power from your broccoli.

Doctor’s Note:

Is that cool or what?! I love kitchen chemistry. Totally revolutionized my daily greens prep. For those new to the whole enzyme concept I’m sure this is a bit confusing. Make sure to watch the original “chemical flare” video The Best Detox and then the hack and hold strategy in Sometimes the Enzyme Myth is the Truth.

This helps explain the results I presented in Raw Broccoli and Bladder Cancer Survival.

OK, but what’s so great about this sulforaphane stuff? For a taste, see:

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  • Jay

    Thanks for this! I started eating frozen Broccoli florets and was patting myself on the back for finally working something green into my diet on a regular basis. Now I see I need to do more.

  • Jay

    I found some mustard seed powder at the store. It’s pretty pricy–$7 for only 4 oz. I had to think hard before buying it. I tried it on some broccoli today and man, that stuff is harsh and nasty! Just a little bit will ruin your broccoli. Guess I’m out $7 and I’ll have to buy raw broccoli from now on.

    • Just take a 1/4 teaspoon of mustard powder and eat it before your meal, wash it down with some water or something. You don’t have to sprinkle it on your broccoli.