Even With 6% Body Fat, You May End Up Needing A Triple Bypass

George Goff discusses how the diet that was recommended to him by a personal trainer nearly killed him.  In the end, George took himself off all of his medications and reversed all of his disease by eating the diet recommended by Dr. John McDougall.

  • ThePragmaticPurist

    Too bad it’s almost $300 dollars!

  • The interview do not tell anything useful:

    1) he believed to be eating healthy for a lot of years but do not specify what his diet was.
    2) he say he enrolled in a Fitness contest and changed his diet, he was super fit and went to 6% fat for the contest
    3) A few months later he went in an Hospital for triple by-pass surgery.
    4) Then, after the side effects of medications and hospital diet, he started doing something smart: he read a book.

    1) Correlation is not causation
    2) Stenosis usually do not develop in months. It need a lot of time and happen mainly in aged patients for this reason.
    3) Stenosis is mainly an effect of (long time and systemic) inflammation. Fat people have increasing inflammation, but they are not the only ones.
    4) Take care of the inflammation and reduce it as much as possible (diet help a lot in this).

    • See my reply below for a full lecture series that will provide the information you’re looking for.

  • Listen at 7:30

    English is not my first language, so I could have understood wrong but…
    He always had bleeding gum and fever blisters!!!
    And he believed to be eating healthy all his life?

    Gum bleeding is a sign of not enough Vit. C.
    I know, I got these from when I was child.
    They disappeared after I started to took Vit C every day. The same with blisters.

    The triple bypass is not strange. His body used cholesterol to patch up the arteries becausethey always started to crack without Vit C.