Cop Blows 17 Year Old Unarmed Kid Away For Flashing High Beams

This is pretty much how things go with all aspects of government.  The most mundane and trivial of infractions can always result in a dead human being because ultimately all laws are enforced at the point of a gun.  Any failure to comply with a state functionary ALWAYS results in the escalation of violence until compliance or death results.  Now a kid is dead over some total bullshit, and the cop keeps his job so he has the opportunity to kill more unarmed kids in the future.

  • Christan

    Led Zeppelin had it right with “No Quarter”

  • Picard90

    Hi, this is Dan your brother. This teenager gave the police officer bad attitude and refused simple instruction to hand over his driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. Eventually he got into an altercation with the officer, which led to abrupt loss of his life. Imagine if he had only cooperated fully with the officer, he’d be alive today.

    The moral of this story is thus, always obey the police even when you don’t like it, because it increases your chances of getting out of interaction with the police alive and kicking well. Know your rights, what you can do and cannot do when the police stops you on a routine traffic stop. Otherwise, bad attitude and arrogance will get yourself killed.

    I’ve had this kind of discussion with some black people, and unfortunately, I’m now labeled a racist because I told them the plain truth. I don’t know what kind of label I’ll get from you. But sometimes the wisest and simplest move is…don’t make it hard on yourself and as long somebody is holding leverage (the coercive power of enforcing law and the right to shoot you) over you, it’s nearly always better to obey the police as it is right thing to do.

    Frankly, I’m sorry to be blunt here, the teenager is an idiot and that cost his life dearly. Tough break. Life must go on.

    • Believe that if it makes you feel better.

    • Bradford1416

      Are you telling me that kid deserved to die because he wasn’t cooperating? There were over a thousand ways that cop could have handled that situation without killing an unarmed kid.

    • Bradford1416

      Are you telling me that kid deserved to die because he wasn’t cooperating? There are over a thousand ways to handle this situation without killing and unarmed kid.

  • Edward Jones

    Sickening. So a COP escalates an misdemeanor by pulling taser and gun, putting the kid on the ground then attempting to handcuff him. Then we’re supposed to believe what looks like a 120lb kid was able to get the better of a “combat”(I say combat because the police are militarized) trained adult.
    IMO it’s because while policing might be a “noble” calling it must be by it’s very nature attracting the worst kind of authoritarians and psychopaths. I sure if there were legitimate research done we would find the incident of aggressive egotistic people much higher in the police force then the general population.
    At the very least the cop needs to have his legal authority use a weapon removed.