What Causes Diabetes?

Dr. Michael Greger explains why the consumption of saturated fats from animal products destroys insulin producing pancreatic cells and leads to lipotoxicity (toxic fat) build up.  In controlled experiments, it has been shown that within hours of eating saturated animal fat, beta cell function, which is responsible for insulin control, is impaired.

  • LogicalReason

    It’s important to understand WHAT cholesterol is and what diabetes is. It’s not eggs causing problems, it’s dead mammals and drugs. http://pharmacistben.com/health/cholesterol-sugar/

    • I basically disagree with most of what that pharmacist says. Ward studies, where they take people and lock them in a hospital ward and completely control their diet, have conclusively proven beyond any doubt that eating cholesterol raises your cholesterol levels. Eggs, particularly egg yolks, are basically cholesterol bombs. The only studies that say eggs don’t raise your cholesterol levels are from population studies that rely on self-reporting and never measure cholesterol levels from baseline. Those types of studies are designed to fail and are typically funded by meat, egg or dairy industries.

      In the video, Greger makes it clear that the cause of diabetes is saturated fat and cholesterol. In fact, Dr. Nathan Pritikin used a diet of refined sugar and white rice to cure late stage heart disease and diabetes. The human body is designed to consume carbohydrates.

      • LogicalReason

        The problem is your taking a statistical based approach rather than a biologically, source based approach. Every disease has a cause, the cause isn’t something your body produces; the cause is an excess release of a stress hormone LDL that shows up in your blood that coincides with a higher blood pressure, hence going to arteries.

        But that’s not the fundamental approach. Michael Suede, add me on skype bhynes919

        • Medical ward studies have nothing to do with statistics. Population studies are the statistical approach.

        • I watched that video by Glidden you posted. He sounds like a nut. On autopsy, we can see the crystallized cholesterol that’s responsible for breaking the surface plaque in arteries that leads to an infarction. That is to say, we can see with 100% certainty the cause of sudden heart attacks, and it’s clearly the cholesterol that’s responsible for it.

          Don’t you think it’s a bit suspicious that one guy is claiming no disease is caused by cholesterol, while every major medical organization on the planet says otherwise?

          To quote a recent paper:


          “Past research has shown that as cholesterol builds up along the wall of an artery, it crystallizes from a liquid to a solid state and expands, said Abela, who has been studying cholesterol crystals for nearly a decade. As the crystals expand, they can disrupt plaque and cause clotting, leading to cardiac attacks. That research also was recently highlighted recently in the Journal of Clinical Lipidology.”

          Glidden claims that cholesterol only builds up along the bends in arteries like a river bank. This is patently absurd considering the millions of angiograms that show completely straight arteries that are clogged by cholesterol.

          Further, Glidden claims that wheat, barley, and other grains are responsible for this! This again is utterly absurd considering the thousands of angiograms that have shown a REVERSAL of clogged arteries when people adopt a whole food plant based diet that is heavy on grains.

          He’s a quack.