Mr. Universes Going Vegan

The current reigning Mr. Universe, Barny Du Plessis, and the former 1977 winner, Jim Morris, have both made the transition to an entirely plant based diet, and their commentary on the results they’ve achieved after transitioning are nearly identical.

Du Plessis says, “I’m getting leaner and bigger (as a vegan). I’m a 107 kilos now, leaner than I’ve been at this weight before, and I feel positive in myself because I know everything I’m doing is a win-win situation, there are no negatives.  Everything I’m doing, from the sea to the sewer, not one part of it has a negative to it.”

Morris notes that, “Milk is for babies.”


Jim Morris at 61, 72 and 77 years old.

Anyone think they’ll look this good at 77 eating a diet of dead animals?

Jim says, “I don’t think that I would be in this shape, healthy enough to pull it back together again, had I continued eating the way I was eating.  …I’m a lot leaner than I was at 176.”

It’s not surprising that they both comment on how much leaner and stronger they’ve become since making the change to a plant based diet.  A recent meta analysis of diet programs found that, out of 1,151 dieters on nine to 74 week programs, those who followed a vegan program lost on average 5 lbs more than those on a meat based diet.

Speaking from my own experience with a low fat plant based diet, I’ve seen my overweight mother drop over 30 lbs in 3 months with little to no exercise and no calorie restriction. I’ve seen my own weight drop 10 lbs while my strength and muscle mass have dramatically improved.  And I’ve seen my lipid profile go from bad to nearly perfect.

I put 30 lbs on my max bench within months of changing my diet, not necessarily because the plants gave me muscle growth, but because my recovery time and energy levels increased to the point where I could push myself harder and more frequently than I could on my old diet of bullshit.

Give it a try and watch what happens.