Dr Walter Palmer’s Life Destroyed By Social Media

Dr Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minneapolis, is the clown who shot the now famous lion named Cecil during a botched hunting expedition.  Everyone from Jimmy Kimmel to Cara Delevinge has taken pot shots at the doctor in the media.  The doctor has basically been run out of his practice.  His business’s social media accounts have been flooded with hate mongering.  His business’s yelp page has been bombarded with hateful reviews.  He’s basically been forced into hiding, having all his calls forwarded to a public relations firm.

Kimmel came out with a furious and emotional monologue where he said,

‘The big question is: why are you shooting a lion in the first place? I’m honestly curious to know why a human being would feel compelled to do that. How is that fun?’ he wondered aloud.

‘Is it that difficult for you to get an erection that you need to kill things that are stronger than you?

‘If that’s the case, they have a pill for that. It works great. Just stay home and swallow it, and you save yourself a lifetime of being the most hated man in America who never advertised Jell-O pudding on television,’ Kimmel added, making a clear reference to embattled comedian Bill Cosby.”

I find the fury and anger displayed by these people to be a gigantic pile of hypocrisy.  Here’s a snap of Kimmel chowing down on the dead flesh of some animal.  I have to wonder ‘why a human being would feel compelled to do that.’  Perhaps Kimmel has erection issues himself, given that the cholesterol he’s consuming is known to cause erectile dysfunction by way of atherosclerosis.


What bothers me the most about this situation is not the fact that Kimmel, along with 99.9999% of the other idiot flamers out there on social media who are attacking this doctor, are meat eaters.  What bothers me is the outrageous hypocrisy.  Why is the life of that dead cow Kimmel stuffed into his pie-hole worth less than that of the lion killed by the doctor?

Kimmel has a bully pulpit.  Kimmel, along with the baying mob on social media, have absolutely destroyed this poor doctor’s livelihood and professional life.  Palmer at least has the balls to kill his own meat. Palmer is probably a decent guy, who in all likelihood really did believe that his hunt was sanctioned, properly licensed and legitimate. It pains me to watch some poor guy have his life turned upside down by a baying mob of idiot hypocrites.

If you’re a vegan and you take to the airwaves to lambaste Palmer for his ridiculous hunting expeditions, great.  However, if you routinely stuff your face with cooked animal carcass, or milk that was supposed to feed a baby cow, I fail to see how you have any right to criticize Palmer at all.  Perhaps if you had to kill your own meat you would eat less of it.

  • Steve Brecht

    “That doctor at least had the balls to kill his own meat.”

    You don’t really get it do you? I agree there is a dichotomy over hunting food to eat however he didn’t kill meat to eat… he paid to kill a trophy, a head and skin, and left the rest of the animal behind to rot. Just something to mount on a wall and add another photo to his collection. To top that off he lured a protected animal out of a refuge area because it was illegal to kill it there. He has hunted in that country many times by his history, he had to have known that was a protected game park.

    So to sum it up… paid $50,000 to lure a (by most accounts) docile adult Lion off of a game preserve onto private land (to duck the law) then kill it once cornered so he can add one more photo to his Facebook wall and a head to the collection. Despite this he failed, and it took 40 hours to finish the task. There’s a manly hunter for you. But hey, he got his picture and his skull.

    And this is someone you wish to defend?

    • So if he had eaten the lion, that makes it all OK in your eyes?

      No one in a western society needs to eat meat to survive. Meat eating in a western society is a choice, not a necessity.

      • Steve Brecht

        That would be the primary claim in your article. Personally I’m not a hunter or a supporter of it as a sport though I do see the level of hypocrisy that often occurs in these situations. That said however I also believe that if you’re going to take the life of an animal then do it for the purpose of making proper use of it, not for a trophy.

        There are a host of wrongs here. What was done isn’t much different than heading to my local Zoo, opening the cage door, dropping a steak outside, waiting for the Lion to step out, killing it, and taking “I’m so great” selfies. There are no justifiable actions in there on any level. Not for the life of the animal, the act of hunting, or the future conservation of endangered species.

        Walter Palmer and team have set themselves up to be the touchstone on a topic that is perhaps long overdue for discussion. Hopefully something worthwhile will come of that.

        • Yeah, the long overdue discussion is the fact that most people condemn Palmer while stuffing their faces with dead animal flesh.

          While dropping a steak inside a zoo is a pretty outrageous way to hunt, I think it’s a hell of a lot better than raising cattle in deplorable conditions and then slaughtering them with a pneumatic spike to the head.

          • Steve Brecht

            True, though to me you’re crossing up two largely different issues. Palmer hunted for trophies, not food. Additionally he did it illegally on an endangered protected species.

            The debate on quality of life for livestock and the concerns surrounding that are, I agree, contentious and also in need of review. Remember though that this animal was not hunted for food, or sustenance, or need. It was a wealthy individual’s trophy. If you wish to look at it from a value of life aspect then this Lion’s life was devalued even more than livestock that becomes food in my opinion.

          • Palmer hunting for trophies is a more honest life than people picking up dead animal meat at a grocery store. Both actions are done for the sake of self-pleasure.

            Palmer’s hunting was done for his own self-gratification, and the people who consume meat from the supermarket also do so for their own self-gratification. In that respect, there is no difference. In both cases, some animal had to die so a human desires (not needs) could be met.

          • Steve Brecht

            I suspect that is where our observations part ways then. If you feel what Palmer has done is more “honest” in valuing the life of an animal then we will have to disagree there. The death of an animal is always unwelcome, but saying “sport trophy killing” tops making practical use of the animal (even if you feel it’s not a need) I can’t quite wrap my head around.

          • I said Palmer was living a more honest life in comparison to those who would ridicule him while eating grocery store meat. That’s a relative statement, not an absolute one. Palmer is the less hypocritical of the two.

  • 234589589632

    No you are wrong. This guy is a horrible person. Stop trying to defend him by grasping for hypocrisy. Everyone is a hypocrite, even you, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that this guy is despicable.

    • That’s some great logic you got there. You’re like a modern day Aristotle.

      • 234589589632

        You have no comeback, so I guess I win.

  • azone

    Well , while I don’t really think Palmer was necessarily more honest than non-vegetarian folks, you do have a point, I don’t get why consumption of a dead animal makes their killing OK even though it is far from something that is unavoidable for survival..is the animal somehow spared suffering ‘cuz it is dying for the noble cause of feeding another species that isn’t compelled to kill it for food ?

    The truth seems to be that we act in a way that values our lives above those of animals all the time. Why ? For no better reason than the simple fact that we make the rules ‘cuz we have the power. We can get away with it.You see in the tributes “Such a beautiful animal”…so, the elegance of the animal is what warrants outrage ? Woulda been OK if it were an ugly animal ? Granted, this isn’t how all individuals react. Just an instance. The arbitrariness in the way people condemn these things is hard to miss.

    I would like to hear other views, dissenting or otherwise. Thanks

    • Yeah, that’s basically my point. It’s bad that Palmer killed a lion, but it’s just as bad that the people who are bashing Palmer effectively kill defenseless animals for their own pleasure every day.

      • azone

        Not that the guy doesn’t deserve criticism but folks not thinking twice before making vicious attacks in response , calling him a sick person who should be skinned alive and such, a lot of them are just being hypocritical…..much of the conversation on the internet is dominated by that..and anybody like you who dares to point out the hypocrisy is labeled a psycho etc….kinda crazy

        • I’ve come to the conclusion that the world is some kind of temporal spiritual insane asylum.

      • Ronivan Fontanez

        Mr. these defenseless animals of which you speak are raised for that purpose. There are only 5000 lions free on nature, and are in the brick of extinction. Even after everything else, he did committed a crime in Zimbabwe territory. And you clearly didn’t consider that US and Zimbabwe have an international agreement of extradition, signed long ago and respected by both side. If a Zimbabwe citizen goes to US, commits a crime against the nation, and flees to Zimbabwe, US would ready calls for his/her extradition based on this agreement.
        So an American citizen is then allowed to go to any country in the world that not meets America views of democracy, commits a crime against that nation, its thats ok? The country,
        however good or bad democratically is, should be respected, most of all, when there are agreements toward both countries.

        Palmer probably committed much more illegal hunting crimes than this, unfortunately for him, he killed the wrong lion, and the media felled over him like a scavenger. Even if American don’t extradite him, like I believe, because he’s an American, and an American can commits a crime anywhere without any problem, hes life is over.

  • Sarita La Cubanita

    This article criticizes the social media. I thought Libertarians believed in liberty, particularly where it involves something that makes a lot of money, such as computers? Why are you upset? Be wild! Be free! Anything goes! Ayn Rand said so.

  • Christan

    If your hunting an animal to feed your family I see that as normal. Hunting to protect a farm is normal as well. I don’t see the point of sport hunting. The up side is most people on social media can’t remember more than two weeks anyway. The next story will come along and all will be forgotten. If he took six months off nobody would even remember this story.

  • ann Smith

    Dead wrong on this one. That lion could not have been “hunted” more inhumanely or died more painfully. I’m surprised he was not beheaded and skinned while alive…or maybe he was! Probably the skin and head are “better” if procured while the animal is still alive. This was a travesty. Your support of the doctor’s actions and comparison with eating meat is inane.

    • ORLY? Do you know how the meat you’re eating is raised and slaughtered?

      Here’s a just a tiny sample of what goes in to producing the meat you’re eating.

  • Bradford1416

    Drones and corrupt police are out there killing innocent people and the majority of people I have personally met, don’t really care, but God forbid so random guy kills a lion! The worlds gonna end! What I’m trying to get at is that the media needs to focus on other important matters. There is no reason for one to get worked up about something that has so little to do with anything.

  • USA and Zimbabwe has an extradition treaty. Since Walter Palmer is suspect of a crime he should be sent to Zimbabwe for a trial. This isn’t about veganism. The man is accused of killing an animal that he had no right to kill. If a chinese hunter went to USA and started killing white-headed eagles I bet the americans would have wanted him too. I’m not sure what authorities will do but the case has become a national embarrassment. Rich americans can travel around and destroy in other countries. Then they return to USA which is a safe haven. I doubt very much that they will extradite him. Probably try diplomatic ways to talk their way out of it.

    • You pretty much missed the entire point of the story.

      • Yes if there was one I must have missed it.

  • Zoltan Zukaly

    To the author: It is Ironic that you are talking about hypocrisy while writing an article on your computer. Your habits both directly and indirectly lead to the death of sentient animals. The energy you use doesn’t come out of the sky, you know, and the same is true about the meat. You don’t have to use a computer to survive, yet you choose to, supporting several sectors that are killing sentient animals (directly and indirectly) each year. My point is, any vegan who uses computers and do not grow their own food is just as big of a hypocrite as meat eaters who felt ashamed by the death of this beautiful animal.

  • Zo

    To the author: It is Ironic that you are talking about hypocrisy while writing an article on your computer. Your habits both directly and indirectly lead to the death of sentient animals. The energy you use doesn’t come out of the sky, you know, and the same is true about the meat. You don’t have to use a computer to survive, yet you choose to, supporting several sectors that are killing sentient animals (directly and indirectly) each year. My point is, any vegan who uses computers and do not grow their own food is just as big of a hypocrite as meat eaters who felt ashamed by the death of this beautiful animal.

    • Oh please, give me a break. Do you even know how retarded you sound?