Got Problems With Your Weight? Try Doing This For A Week

As my regular readers know, I’ve been eating a vegan diet for a while now because of the information I learned about the disease causing potential of animal products.  Further, research shows that vegans are the only group of people who have BMIs classified as being within the “normal” range.  There has also been recent research showing that those who ate a reduced calorie vegan diet lost substantially more weight than those who ate the same number of calories but incorporated animal products into their diet.  Current speculation suggests this is due to the difference in gut bacteria that are promoted by the different diets.

That said, I’ve found my weight to have slightly dropped while on a high carb whole food vegan diet, and I found that my strength and energy dramatically increased, but my fat wasn’t really melting off the way I wanted it too… until now.

I made a few simple changes to my diet, and now my fat is dropping off so rapidly it’s rather stunning.  Instead of eating starches like oatmeal or whole grain sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, I changed that up to eating whole fruit for breakfast and steamer bags of vegetables for lunch.  I continued to eat a huge starch based dinner.  I’ve dumped like 10 lbs of fat in about two weeks by eating this way.  I don’t really have that much more to lose before I can switch to a maintenance diet.

While I’ve been eating this way, I’ve very rarely experienced any hunger.  If I get hungry, I simply make another bag of vegetables.  One of those big steamer bags only contains around a 100 calories, so you can completely fill yourself up yet hardly take in any calories while doing so.  I dump some soy sauce and hot sauce on there to up the taste and I’m totally happy and satisfied after eating them.

I normally eat a box of strawberrys or a large container of mixed fruit for breakfast, which clocks in at like 200 calories.  And as I mentioned earlier, a bag of vegetables has around a 100.  So even if I get really hungry and eat like three bags of vegetables, I’m still at like 500 calories for the day by the time I get home for dinner.  So for dinner, I eat like a 1500 calorie feast, but that still leaves me with a 1000 calorie deficit for the day, since I normally burn about 3100 calories due to my height/weight and activity level.  Some days I might burn more if I go for a run.

It’s super easy to follow this diet because there’s virtually no point during the day which I’m starving for food.  If you’re overweight, I highly recommend giving this diet a shot.  I’m really amazed at how fast it’s working.

And for those who are still operating under the delusion that a low carb diet is the best for weight loss, this brand new medical ward study puts an end to the debate about which diet is better for weight loss.  People in a ward study can’t cheat on their diet, and all caloric intake and expenditures are strictly controlled and measured.