Processed Meat Causes Cancer says WHO (World Health Organization)

So the WHO came out today saying that processed meat causes cancer.  The major media outlets have been acting as if this is some kind of shocking revelation.  They also said red meat “probably” causes cancer.  Really?  “Probably?”

Cooked meat contains carcinogenic heterocyclic amines. Grilled meat contains carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. All meat contains carcinogenic bacterial endotoxins that remain no matter how the meat is cooked. All meat produces secondary bile acids that alter gut bacteria that end up producing carcinogenic compounds.  All meat and dairy raise IGF-1 levels, which is key to virtually all types of cancers.  Only vegans have normal IGF-1 levels, so eating a vegetarian diet will not make much of a difference.  Only animal based proteins have been shown to significantly raise IGF-1 levels, while plant proteins have no significant effect.

Further, dairy is loaded with the protein casein, which is highly carcinogenic.  Meat and dairy are also extremely high in sulfur containing amino acids, which not only promote cancer growth, but also make people’s body odor far worse than it need be.  Oh, and the heme iron found in meat has also been linked to cancer.

I could go on listing the carcinogenic qualities of meat and dairy for hours.  I haven’t even touched on the use of Zeranol or other potent carcinogenic growth hormones used in the meat industry.  There have been hundreds of studies done that show a link between meat consumption and many different kinds of cancer, not just colon cancer. Eating meat really is no different than smoking. If anyone wants to challenge me, I have a few dozen studies sitting in front of me that I’m ready to cite from.

It’s worth noting that recently many studies have been funded by the meat and dairy industry that claim to show there is no link between meat consumption and cancer or other diseases.  These studies use disingenuous study protocols, much like the tobacco industry used, to hide the linkages.  If a study ever says meat is good for you, you can almost guarantee it was funded by the meat industry.  This is why so many contradictory articles appear on this subject.  One says meat is good, another says it is bad, who do you believe?  Of course, the vast majority of people love to hear good news about their bad habits, so through selection bias, they simply ignore what they don’t want to hear.