Bunch of Cavemen Playing God

I was flipping through YouTube and came upon this video of Chuck Yeager flying in an F-15.This was published in March of this year.  It reminded me of something.  It reminded me that the very first human in the entire history of the human race to go faster than the speed of sound is still alive.

I mean let that sink in.

We don’t even have supersonic transports operating today.  We had the Concorde for a few decades till it shutdown in 2003, and now we don’t even have that.

Humans are still a bunch of cavemen.  I should rephrase that.  I’d say about 95% of humans are a bunch of cavemen; the remaining 5% are libertarians.

Don’t let all our modern technology go to your head.  A million billion years from now, the tech we have today will look like a bunch of people banging rocks together to spark a fire.  Cavemen.