Actual Carnivore Devouring Prey

If you’re not salivating while watching this, you’re not a carnivore.

For comparison, here’s a monkey eating a banana.  That banana looks pretty damn yummy to me.

  • Mike Ellis

    Since humans are not carnivores but omnivores then, yeah it totally makes sense that most people would be grossed out by this instead of making them hungry. Of coarse if you watch a cow chewing its cud and your mouth isn’t watering, your not a herbivore (vegan). Right?

    • An omnivore would be an animal like a bear, not a human. Bears and cats don’t cook their prey and cover it with spices before consuming it. As for the cow, they are ruminants, which humans are not. Humans are more like the great apes, which eat a diet loaded with fruit and vegetables. Obviously raw fruits and vegetables look highly appetizing to humans, unlike rodents or road kill.

      The difference between humans and apes is our ability to cook starches, which is what allowed us to venture beyond areas where fruit is plentiful year-round. This is why humans have massive amounts of the enzyme amylase in their saliva, and taste receptors for sugars and salt, but no taste receptors for meat based amino acids. Omnivores and carnivores are also immune to developing atherosclerosis from a high cholesterol diet.

      Dr. Milton Mills gives a great overview of the differences between carnivores and humans in this lecture:

      • Mike Ellis

        Actually animals do cover it their prey with spices. We are animals and we do that so your point is invalid. If ONE animal does something than you can’t say that animals don’t do it. Humans are a unique species of animal. You also obviously have some cultural bias going on as well, because I happen to know that eating certain fish, lizards, amphibians and many kinds of grubs and insects while still alive an wriggling is common in many other cultures like in India, China, South America and Africa. Just because our modern western culture is squeamish about this kind of thing doesn’t mean that humans can’t don’t or never have eaten animals raw in just such a manner as this cat. My dog doesn’t eat living animals, he is a carnivore, in fact i doubt he would salivate at the site of something like this unless he was starving. The reason is a similar reason to why most americans and europeans would find the above video disgusting… its called domestication. We don’t need to even hunt for or grow food anymore. People don’t even cook their own meals anymore, let along kill and butcher their own meat. That doesn’t prove anything. Furthermore, I am not even sure what you are trying to prove with this video. No one of any importance of is claiming that humans ARE carnivores so show this video is pointless. As I said. Humans are Omnivores. We can eat anything. That is the definition of Omnivores. All the facts you stated in your statement above do not invalidate the fact that humans are omnivores. The statements as to what hormones are found in the human body may in fact be factual but do not address the question of why. You may in fact be right about your assertion about why amylase is present in large amounts in humans but you have know idea why. No one does. It could be true it is for the reason you state of there could be a completely different reason. If humans were vegetarians then we would be able to process cellulose like cows and deer and goats do. Most other herbivores eat vegetable matter in huge amounts, mostly leaves and grasses. and fruit when available. There are no primate herbivores. All primates eat animal protein in some amounts. Mountain gorillas are mainly vegetarian but lowland gorillas are known to eat termites and other insects. Herbivores, by definition do not eat animal protein. Elephants, giraffes, hippos, deer, moose, and every other species of animal I can think of that would be classified as herbivore, do not and cannot eat animal protein of any kind. If you try to feed meat to a herbivore it will die,. Not slowly, but quickly. Try feeding meat to an iguana. They will eat meat, but will day in a few weeks if you continue to feed it to them because they cannot process it. All of the evidence that is prosented so far is to prove the man isn’t a carnivore, in that a carnivore an only eat meat. Humans by definition are not carnivores nor are we herbivores. We are omnivores.

        • If we were actually carnivores, heart disease wouldn’t be the number one killer.