Randell L. Mills – A Living Legend, Greater Than Einstein and Tesla Combined

Being alive at the end of the twentieth century here on planet Insanity has afforded us a few special privileges in the observance of human history.  We’ve seen the birth of the microprocessor, the creation of the internet, and other technological marvels that have vastly improved the quality of the human condition for billions of people.

Unfortunately, even with all of our modern technological advancements, there’s still a huge number of people living in extreme poverty.  Most of the poverty can be directly linked to a lack of cheap and abundant energy.  According to the IEA, “Modern energy services are crucial to human well-being and to a country’s economic development; and yet globally 1.2 billion people are without access to electricity and more than 2.7 billion people are without clean cooking facilities. More than 95% of these people are either in sub-Saharan African or developing Asia, and around 80% are in rural areas.”

Even in many places with access to power, it’s not cheap enough or abundant enough to lift the population above the poverty line.  Access to energy is the defining limit on the ability of any given population to pull itself out of poverty by increasing its productive capacity.

All real wealth comes from the ground.  Wealth starts as raw materials that are transformed by human intervention into usable goods that improve the quality of the human condition.  Extracting and transforming resources from the planet takes a tremendous amount of energy.  The cheaper and more abundant the energy resources at our disposal, the cheaper and easier it is to extract and transform resources; which ultimately means cheaper and more abundant goods and services for all of humanity.

For most of human history, the energy to transform resources has come from our own manual labor, the leverage of simple manual tools, and of course – fire.  Even today, we live in what could still broadly be categorized as the combustion age.  We use combustion to produce the vast majority of energy on the planet, and it’s still by far the cheapest means of producing energy yet available to man.  We burn coal and oil to power our homes and factories, we burn gasoline to power our cars and planes, we burn crude oil to power our tankers and shipping; it’s all a big bloody burning mess.

Numerous wars and insurrections have been fought over the control of energy resources, and all the while, the power grid acts as a control grid that forces massive swaths of people to herd together into compact concrete jungles.  The human condition on planet Insanity is so intimately linked with the production of power that we use the same word to describe everything from politics to finance to the performance of an engine – Power.

Imagine what the planet would look like if every person had access to a compact generator that was capable of providing enough energy to power a small factory, while requiring no fuel, producing no pollution, requiring virtually no maintenance for decades, and being portable enough to fit in a small vehicle.  It’s hard to fathom because the potential for invention and mobility becomes nearly limitless.  People could live comfortably in the middle of the ocean or in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.  Homes could be flying recreational vehicles that never have to land.  Cars could be airplanes and airplanes could be transformed into space vehicles.  With such an invention, we could even colonize the inner planets of the solar system.

With such an invention, the power grid becomes obsolete.  Humans become untethered to the entire utility grid, water and sewage included.  Water could be pulled from the air or desalinated from the oceans.  Trash and sewage could be incinerated on demand.  Unlimited personal power brings with it virtually limitless potential.  Unlimited personal power brings with it virtually limitless freedom.

I’m telling you now that such an invention exists, and in the next year or so, it’s going to change the face of humanity forever.

millsDr. Randell L. Mills, a Harvard trained medical doctor, who developed this generator and the physical theory behind it, will be remembered throughout the remainder of human history as the single greatest being to ever have lived.  A billion trillion years from now, people will still be discussing his theories and his invention.  Mills invention is no less transformative than the discovery of fire.  It’s a far greater achievement than the combustion engine or the telephone.

In one fell swoop, Mills will have overturned the standing theories of physics, dismantled the power grid, put an end to virtually all air pollution, put an end to poverty, put an end to wars over energy resources, opened up the entire planet to human habitation, put a serious dent in the ability of politics to control people, and saved limitless lives in the future due to a lack of power.

To be alive at the same time as Mills is a cosmic treat. The man is a living legend that has yet to be recognized. Like all great transformative scientists before him, academia has viciously attacked him, his theories and his company, on both a personal and professional level. Mills is truly the modern day Galileo.  Like Mills, Galileo was viciously attacked by academia for his ideas, even though they are basis for all modern science today, to the point where Galileo spent the last days of his life under house arrest for scientific heresy.

Here’s what mainstream science has had to say about Mills and his work.  I feel compelled to copy and paste this here for posterity, because once Mills’ generator hits the market, these comments are sure to be flushed down the memory hole.  Brilliant Light Power (formerly Black Light Power) is the name of Mills’ company that’s producing the generator and doing the research.  The following is taken from Brilliant Light Power’s wiki page, which Brilliant Light obviously has no control over (think about that for a minute, a company that’s prohibited from editing it’s own wiki page highlights just how terrified academics are of Mills and his theories):

Robert L. Park

Since 1999 Robert L. Park, emeritus professor of physics at the University of Maryland and a notable skeptic, has been particularly critical of BLP. In 2008 Park wrote:

“BlackLight Power (BLP), founded 17 years ago as HydroCatalysis, announced last week that the company had successfully tested a prototype power system that would generate 50 KW of thermal power. BLP anticipates delivery of the new power system in 12 to 18 months. The BLP process,[35]discovered by Randy Mills, is said to coax hydrogen atoms into a “state below the ground state”, called the “hydrino.” There is no independent scientific confirmation of the hydrino, and BLP has a patent problem. So they have nothing to sell but bull shit. The company is therefore dependent on investors with deep pockets and shallow brains.” – Park[36]

Steven Chu

In 1999, Steven Chu, Nobel Laureate in Physics in 1997, said “it’s extremely unlikely that this is real, and I feel sorry for the funders, the people who are backing this”.[7]

Phillip Anderson

In 1999, Princeton University’s physics Nobel laureate Phillip Anderson said of it, “If you could fuck around with the hydrogen atom, you could fuck around with the energy process in the sun. You could fuck around with life itself.” “Everything we know about everything would be a bunch of nonsense. That’s why I’m so sure that it’s a fraud.”[6]

Wolfgang Ketterle

Wolfgang Ketterle, a professor of physics at MIT, said BLP’s claims are “nonsense” and that “there is no state of hydrogen lower than the ground state”.[8]

Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist based at City University of New York, adds that “the only law that this business with Mills is proving is that a fool and his money are easily parted.”[6] and that “There’s a sucker born every minute.”[7]

Peter Zimmerman

While Peter Zimmerman was chief arms-control scientist at the State Department, he stated that his department and the Patent Office “have fought back with success” against “pseudoscientists” and he railed against, among other things, the inventors of “hydrinos.”[37]

Forbes attacked him, saying, “This case has many things in common with other failed new energy technologies, including a charismatic leader who generates lots of press, claims of academic validation and criticism of expert skepticism, ample fundraising, and frequent reports of interest from potential buyers. What you don’t find are actual ongoing operation of a power plant outside of demonstration models controlled by the promoter.”

The IEEE attacked him, calling him a loser.  And of course, countless internet trolls have attacked him and his company over all the scientific forums scattered across the internet.  People have been banned simply for posting about Mills and his theories on sites like physicsforums.com and the Reddit science boards.  You can’t even discuss his theories on the major science forums without risking an immediate ban.

Academics typically don’t even bother commenting on theories that have no scientific merit, so when you see this level of vitriol over Mills’ theories, it stands to reason it’s being driven by fear, not by a genuine motivation to seek the truth.

I’ve stated numerous times on this site over the past decade that modern physics is fundamentally flawed.  It is not tied to reality.  Mills theory takes physics back to its roots.  It does away with all the imaginary particles and nonsense that make up the basis of quantum mechanics.  Mills theory is based on closed form classical physics, which treats the electron as singular entity that can be modeled and calculated in precise detail.  Mills theory allows for the precise calculation of molecular shapes and bond strengths, and will transform the way material sciences are conducted in the future.

Taking away all the imaginary particles and physics demystifies quantum mechanics.  With Mills’ theory, theoretical physicists are no longer needed, and their positions as the high priests of science are directly threatened.  It’s little wonder they hate Mills so much.  Eventually the theoretical people will be shunted to the side like most religions have been today. Make no mistake, theoretical physics is a religion, not a science. It’s incredibly hard to change people’s’ religious view points since they aren’t based on evidence or logical reasoning.

To put Mills work in perspective, the Tokamak ITER fusion reactor has had 14 billion dollars of public funding thrown at it with no results to show for it. Further, to quote wiki, “the ITER is not designed to produce electricity, but made as a proof of concept reactor for the later DEMO project.” So 14 billion just to build a proof-of-concept.

Mills has taken less than 100 million of private investment capital over less time than the ITER to go from theory, to concept, to design, and now on to actual power production, with less than a tenth of the resources.  Further, the ITER will obviously be abandoned after Mills generator goes into production, resulting in 14 billion dollars of public money being flushed down the toilet to feed the pocket books of academics and state contractors.  The academics and contractors are the real scam artists in this melodrama.  Perhaps that’s another reason they attack Mills with such ferocity, they are having a bit of Freudian projection going on within themselves.

So let’s talk a little bit about the generator itself.  In simple terms, it works by reacting a very tiny amount of water with a silver catalyst and then exposing that reaction to an electrical discharge. When the water, silver and electrical discharge combine, the hydrogen atoms shrink, releasing a tremendous amount of energy in the process.  Using Mills process, a gallon of water has the same energy potential of around 2000 gallons of gasoline.  The amount of water needed is so small that the generator can pull the hydrogen it needs to make water from the surrounding air. This enormous release of energy is then used to basically form the filament of a metal light bulb.

The metal light bulb glows so brightly that it reaches the equivalent brightness of over 2000 suns, with the potential to go even higher in the future.  The light bulb is surrounded by an array of special solar cells called concentrator solar cells that are able to harness the energy from this enormously bright light source.  These special solar cells already exist and are in use in solar farms around the world today.

Mills is projecting his initial generators to produce around 150 kw of power, with the potential for much higher amounts in the future, and the ability to chain multiple units together to provide huge amounts of power.  He projects around 600 or so dollars per unit in materials costs to produce the unit, with the unit weighing far less than a conventional gasoline engine at around the same size.  He also says production of the units can be scaled up to near infinite capacity, allowing a tremendous number of these units to be produced for next to nothing, using the same format as current LED production uses today.

Mills already has the “light bulb” portion of this generator fully prototyped and working.  Obviously that’s the hard part since the rest of the parts for the generator already exist from off-the-shelf suppliers.  Mills is projecting production units to be ready for delivery by the second half of 2017, with a fully prototyped working generator ready for field testing by the first half of 2017.  Once Mills rolls out that first generator, be prepared for a monumental media shit storm to hit the public.

You can read the latest press release from Brilliant Light Power here, and watch the “light bulb” in action below.

I’ve been following BLP closely for nearly a decade now.  I’m convinced Mills is the real deal.  Contrary to what Forbes claims, numerous independent labs have verified his claims.  He’s obtained funding from some of the wealthiest people on the planet, and he’s got a highly skilled team of engineers backing him.  He doesn’t need any more investment capital so he’s got no reason to lie.

At this point, it doesn’t matter what anyone may say about him.  He’s going to market, and he’s going to change the world.


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  • QuentonQuale

    If the device does produce the white light as claimed, you would still need a rather large array of photo-voltaics to generate the electricity. From the demo, he shows a small area at the top of a dome above the burning plasma where they will capture the light to use as electric. Solar cells just aren’t that efficient to generate that much electricity using a small area, no matter how bright that plasma is. That’s why you need to cover an entire home roof to produce enough juice to power all the appliances in a home. I guess I’ll believe it when I see a device in full operation. If it does what they claim, I’ll be glad to plunk down my money to power my home on water. So far, all we see is something burning very brightly.

    • That’s where the solar concentrator cells come in. The latest concentrator cells can operate up to 2000 sun’s worth of power, producing an enormous amount of electricity when placed in front of a concentrated light source. They are working on versions that can operate up to 10,000 suns of intensity. Typically solar farms use large parabolic mirrors to concentrate the sun on to the cell.

      You can see some of them in action in this promo video:

  • thank you

  • Jay

    So, assuming that the SunCell devices work as advertised, the electric utilities, the coal producers, the oil and gas industries–the most powerful and connected fascist businesses worldwide–will simply fold up their show and go away?

    • Eventually. Land lines still exist even though cellular now dominates the market. Typewriters still exist even though computers and printers dominate the market. Same will go for this stuff too. It will take a while before all the energy systems are converted over to the SunCell, and it will take even longer for all the AC systems to be converted over to DC.

      I think we’ll see the same adoption rate as cell phones. It will be rapid, but it will still take a while. The existing power producers will just keep losing market share over time.

    • R V

      Mills is pursuing an open license business strategy that allows anyone to partner with BrLP including any current energy company that wishes to be a part of the future.

      • Jay

        How does BrLP’s open-license strategy differ from the nuclear power industry’s strategy? Or, to put it another way, if open-licensing can halt a full-on public relations assault on your business by your competitors, by the government, by the news media, etc., why did nuclear not adapt such a strategy? Nuclear power is the cleanest, safest, cheapest, most environmentally pure way of generating electricity that man has ever devised and yet look at the insanely irrational, screeching hysteria heaped on nuclear power.

        My worry is that should SunCell tech prove legit, the same entities that attack nuclear power will attack BrLP. After all, SunCells produce ionizing radiation in the X-ray region and lots of it. You’ll have angry “Mothers Against SunCells” protesters screaming at you with picket signs if you try to install one in your house/business. Their attorneys will sue anyone that tries to use a SunCell. Suffocating regulations will require frequent and expensive inspections that more than negate any cost advantage to using one. SunCell manufacturers will have to redesign and redesign again to satisfy the safetycrats’ ever-changing whims; making SunCells unaffordable. The pattern is already set.

        • I don’t think Mills has to worry about any radiation issues since he’s using a closed system with no radioactive materials. It’s not like it can spring a coolant leak and expose people to deadly amounts of radiation as we saw at 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl or Fukushima.

          Nuclear power isn’t the cheapest or most environmentally friendly way of producing power, which are the primary reasons it never gained any traction.

          • enantiomer2000

            Also due to their long lifespan and poor management, by the time they are ready to retire, nuclear power plants often “go bankrupt” and hand the clean-up costs to Uncle Sam.

          • Nutti

            Most of France is powered with nuclear. I wouldn’t say nuclear never gained any traction 🙂 It was useful for a while. Also deep space satellites use nuclear.

  • ohh good

  • albeit

    All real wealth comes from the mind, not from the ground. Which is why Japan is better off than Venezuela.

    • Japan is better off than Venezuela because Japan has mostly free markets and actually makes shit. Venezuela is fucked because of price controls, a central bank that recklessly inflates and state owned industry that forbids market competition.

  • Nutti

    Okey, the article was a bit juvenile but still summed it up pretty well. I wouldn’t bash the scientists so hard. It’s their job to be sceptical. That’s what science is about, finding the best and correct solution among millions of theories and experiments. You get to be sceptical when most ideas are always wrong 🙂 Still funny to read their pathetic comments about hydrinos and Mills. The wikipedia page for BLP is a disgrace. I’m ashamed.

    I’ve been following BLP for a decade and Randall is absolutely the real thing. No doubt in my mind. All is solid what he writes, talks, demonstrates. You just can’t fake 30 years of research and make it look believable. None ever succeeded on that except perhaps the quantum physicists 🙂 They succeeded because no layman could make anything out of it. Nobody could judge it out of the private circle of physicists themselves. It was so overtly complex and nonsensical. So they were able to study all these mathematical ideas for a century and it was useful. There was results. Lots of results. But it doesn’t make the theory right. It’s just a mathematical interpretation of the world and now is time for another better interpretation.

    Lots of scientists are actually very excited about what Randall is doing they just don’t shout about it or write about it. It’s not their project. Let Randall do the talking, he knows it much better than anybody else and yes it’s controversial. Ofcourse it is controversial. It’s trying to overturn hundred years of physics!