SuperMeat – Yeah, It’s A Worthy Title

Now you can eat real animal flesh and muscle tissue without having to kill an animal.

What will science think of next?

FYI, while I fully support this ethically created meat, I still wouldn’t recommend eating this stuff on a regular basis because it’s still going to kill you deader than a hammer.  It’s no different than eating saturated fat laden non-dairy ice cream or pouring a gallon of olive oil over your salad.  Fat and cholesterol will shorten your lifespan, there’s just no way around that.  At least not until they can re-engineer human physiology.


  • Flatdog

    Fat is a vital constituent of the brain, which accounts for the utterly stupid comments above by Mr Suede and his bimbo friend on the video.

    Eat a properly balanced diet, and you have nothing to fear. For myself, I am sticking to traditional, old fashioned, natural meat that was raised running around a field happily eating grass.

    Vegans are a major source of methane, a potent Greenhouse Gas, and thus as big a threat to our environment as the farting cows.

  • Jay

    If this Israeli company can really grow meat cheaper and more nutritious by culturing it, why do they need to beg for money by crowdfunding? They should issue stock and allow investors to give them billions.