Sheriff’s Probe: Obama Birth Certificate Fake

Most of us already knew it was a fake within a few days of it being published online, but it’s nice to see a formal investigation come up with the same findings.

  • Johnny Doe

    a very interesting
    anachronistic fact that I’ve spent a majority of this morning
    researching myself. Obama’s certificate states “race/color” as African. I
    have looked up hundreds of birth and death certificates over the past
    several hours and it is true. From the forms that I found, anywhere from
    the 1800’s to 2005 there was not a single certificate which listed
    “Race/Color” as African. The terms I found used were “Colored, Negro,
    and Black.” This type of forensics is exactly how they can determine if
    ancient texts are forgeries. Look for your self.
    A good source to
    begin with is Richard Pryor’s death certificate from California in 2005
    and Sammy Davis Jr’s son Mark Davis’s birth certificate from 1960 in
    which Sammy Davis Jr. is listed as “Negro”

  • Tom

    The next step is for the FBI and Justice Dept. to do their own investigation and come to a formal conclusion that Obama’s birth certificate is FAKE and that Obama/Soetoro was born outside the USA. With that, Obama’s entire presidency must be ruled invalid, along with every document, executive order, bill and presidential pardon – invalid, void and of no effect. Then, any pardons he will have given the Clintons by Jan. 20th 2017 will go away – and so will the Clintons.

    It’s a shame that the first Affirmative Action President the USA had was unconstitutional and invalid. The Negro community could have done much better.