• LibertyChick

    We need to end the FDA and bring food quality control back to the states. The manner in which the factory farmed animals are raised is inhumane and unhealthy. They put the healthy farmers out of business especially when they illegalize raw milk. Very few dairy farmers can exist outside the system.

    Also, I’d like to see that study that showed milk as unhealthy repeated comparing raw grass fed milk and factory farmed pasteurized/homogenized milk – gotta hunch the results would be different.

    And yes – the attack on plant based milk is rediculous. They like to treat us as morons. Most folks just don’t know what’s going on and will never know if they follow any mane stream media program – most of which would never cover this story to ensure communist crony initiatives like this go unopposed.

  • OldPoorRichard

    Those cartons, Almond Breeze, Rice Dream and Silk don’t say they are vegan. I think that there should be a compromise law that to use the word milk it either has to be the undiluted product of lactation, or else must contain no trace of any animal or insect or petroleum (100.000% plant based) and conspicuously marked vegan and marked contains no animal product.