Paris Air Show 2017: The Surefly Personal Helicopter

Bout damn time someone did this.  I’m still confused why it’s taken so long and why this tiny company is the only player moving to market.  Under $200,000, and their trying to get the FAA to approve a special permit that will not require a full Private Pilot license to operate it.

  • Jay

    I think the main reason we don’t see this configuration for helicopters is its inherent inefficiency. A single large prop is more efficient than several smaller ones. Direct drive between engine and prop is more efficient than using the engine as an electrical generator and then using several additional electric motors to convert back to mechanical energy. This particular copter must carry several hundred pounds of batteries and a ballistic chute. A conventional helicopter will autorotate safely to ground if it loses the engine.

    Helicopters are heavy fuel burners to begin with and this one would be much more so. Are there any videos of it actually flying?

    • The battery reserve is small. The power comes from a gas engine turning a generator.