Brilliant Light Power September Update

Mills presented at the Society for Cable & Telecoms Engineers Energy 2020 conference in Denver, CO. on September 12, 2017. The audience consisted of leading Operating Executives from across the Cable industry. Dr. Mills’ presentation is available in PDF format here.

An updated production timeline was published in the presentation.  Presently, BrLP plans to have units in field testing in the 2nd half of 2018, and a commercial launch in the 2nd half of 2019.  This is about a 1 year push back from the previously projected market date.

  • Sophie Heyworth

    Not for the first time, a BLP press release fails to tell the whole story. This wasn’t a conference, and it didn’t take place in Denver. Mills gave a presentation to the Alternate Energy working group of the SCTE Energy Management Subcommittee in a meeting held in Louisville. The SCTE conference/Expo takes place next month and will be attended by thousands of industry professionals. This was a routine subcommittee meeting attended by a few dozen people, max.

    And ‘commercial launch’? He’s been announcing a ‘commercial launch next year’, every year since 1999. Don’t hold your breath.

    • The CableTec conference takes place next month, Mills never said he was presenting at CableTec. On SCTE’s event calendar, the conference Mills did speak at is plainly marked. You’re just being dramatic because you’re a troll. You have made four comments in your entire history, two of which are trolling this blog. See ya!

  • Jay

    Thanks for the update. Most of the presentation is old info. Most new info begins on pg 45. Here are some random observations:

    BrLP seem to be running into more obstacles than anticipated with the CPV approach. I am very skeptical of this method because the working lifespan of semiconductors halves with each 10degC increase in temp. BrLP twice mentioned operating temps of 100degC or greater so the mean time before failure would be very short indeed.

    Apparently Masimo Semiconductor is out of the picture. The stock enjoyed a nice pop when their name was mentioned early on as collaborators on the CPV design. Suncell hopefuls have taken it all back. Three new companies are mentioned as collaborators now. After the ass-kicking Masimo Semi took when Mills moved on, I think I’ll stand aside. It’s very tough for small time investors to play this.

    BrLP is already talking about a next gen product before they have released first gen. The next gen will employ magnetohydrodynamic generators. I know very little about it but any approach that doesn’t employ very heat sensitive semiconductors in a very high temp environment has to be an improvement.

    • Yeah the presentation doesn’t mention Masimo. Where did you hear that they were out of the picture? The presentation does list an anonymous “Si PV Cell Company” and a “Microchannel company” along with Boeing’s Spectrolab.

      • Jay

        I’m just trying to connect the dots. MASI took a big pop when news broke that BrLP was working with them and then unpopped when rumors broke that progress wasn’t good and BrLP was looking at other alternatives; including conventional heat turbine generation. MASI is conspicuous by their absence in the newest list of collaborators.