Michael Suede

Commies Just Proposed A Bill To Disarm You In Your Home

Dems are planning to ram through a bill that would make it illegal to have a loaded gun in your home for self defense if you have kids under 18 or a felon living in the home, as well as proposing a red flag mechanism for anyone to anonymously claim you are storing your guns in violation of this act which would automatically trigger a mandatory investigation by the ATF.

Democrat Bill Will Give Three Trillion To Foreign Enemies – You Can’t Make This Shit Up

Dems are pushing through a bill that would give three trillion to China, Russia, Syria and Iran, while rejecting an amendment that would prevent US banks from funding state sponsors of terrorism.


Biden also rescinded Trump’s order preventing Chinese involvement with our power grid, and he also shut down the Keystone XL pipeline and is refusing to permit any new drilling or mining.  The pipeline alone was tens of thousands of jobs, with the permit refusals it could climb to nearly a quarter million jobs Biden just killed.

30 Thousand Troops Take Over DC For Most Popular Incoming Prez Ever

The most popular President in US history, garnering 80 million votes, is set to be inaugurated virtually, while DC is occupied by 30,000 armed troops. Because that’s how much the people love him.

Does this seem like an appropriate response to the Capitol riot? To bad they didn’t do this after the Portland and Minneapolis riots.  The National Guard could have saved America 12 billion dollars in riot damage from antifa.

If you want to know what actually went down at the Capitol, here’s a good article by a security analyst who saw the whole thing from start to finish from inside the building. J. Michael Waller believes the attacks were coordinated and pre-planned well in advance, with military like precision.

Joe Biden’s Pick To Lead The Civil Rights Division Of The DOJ Thinks Blacks Are A Superior Race