Michael Suede

Insider: Pintrest Censors Christian and Conservative Content

A worker at Pintrest provided internal documentation to Project Veritas detailing how Pintrest censors terms like  “Bible”, “Christian”, “Bible Verse”, pro-life sites, Ben Shapiro, etc.. etc… but does not censor terms like Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, etc… etc…   Apparently the company is run by unhinged anti-white SJWs according to an anonymous interview the informant provided.    

Google’s CEO Reminds Us Why We Should Switch To DuckDuckGo

This is not a paid ad by Gab.  I make no money from this.  I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to live in the darkness of Google’s censorship. From Grabien.com Google’s CEO says he wants to see YouTube expand its crackdown on content. The company’s chairman, Sundar Pichai, said he’s hoping to take…

Understanding the Unbearable Whiteness of Farming

Just an FYI from Washington State University: We need more time too[sic] examine that unbearable whiteness of farming to meaningfully address systems of power that maintain inequality and injustice. For example, there is a growing movement to address black land loss due to discriminatory government policy as well as a lack of access to capital…

UK Imprisons Soldier For 8 Years Over Thought Crime

The group of clowns who call themselves the UK state have thrown a man into prison for 8 years due to his racist beliefs.  According to the UK propaganda outlet The Independent, Lance Corporal Mikko Vehvilainen was sentenced to 8 years for making racially incentive comments on a Christian website and is accused of recruiting…

YouTube’s Censorship Defined By Trending Videos

This is SOOOO worth watching – It explains just how censored YouTube’s Trending tab is here in America, and why alternative media on YouTube has stagnated after a decade of explosive growth. While the video only looks at the Trending tab, the same manipulations have been applied to YouTube’s search feature as well. – Creators and users need to switch over to BitChute.