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Beck Interviews Giuliani: In More Danger Now Than When He Prosecuted Gambino Crime Family

Glenn Beck notes that Rudy Giuliani is in more danger now than he was when he prosecuted the Gambino crime family.  Giuliani states that the Russian, Ukrainian and Biden crime families are capable of murder and they are even more dangerous than the Gambinos because they have media cover.  They’ve already attempted to poison the former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin with mercury.

Evidence of Biden corruption is presented.  Giuliani states that the evidence of money laundering is so overwhelming that its the kind of case he could give to his most incompetent junior prosecutor and still expect a three day trial with a conviction.

Giuliani also states that the new Trump Ukrainian ambassador, William Taylor, is holding up the passports of people who could testify against the Biden’s because Taylor is just as corrupt as the last ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch.

Giuliani says that the FBI and Justice Department are refusing to get involved in the laundering case he’s uncovered because it’s so politically hot.  He estimates it started in 2012, with 7.5 billion dollars being laundered by Viktor Yanukovych, the former Ukrainian president, who laundered the money through American institutions, controlled entirely by democrats.

Giuliani also states that Ukrainian prosecutors brought their evidence to the Southern District of New York’s Department of Justice begging them to prosecute the people involved. Instead, the District turned them away and opened up several investigations into Giuliani.

Giuliani goes on to present an accounting document showing that the Ukrainians located 5.3 billion US dollars that were misspent by the American Embassy.  Instead of distributing the funds to the Ukrainian government, the American embassy distributed the 5.3 billion to US based NGOs controlled by George Soros.

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