Michael Suede

More Defending of The Indefensible Ketogenic Diet

Michael Carrato, one of my readers, didn’t like what I had to say about his ketogenic diet regimen.  Carrato writes: Are you saying that a ketogenic diet CANNOT reverse diabetes and improve markers for CHD? Because it seems that the position of the anti-fat crowd is that keto is positively incompatible with good health, that low…

Large-Scale Study Proves High-Fat Diet Promotes Health and Longevity – Quackery?

Lew Rockwell recently published an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola, who seems enamored with ketogenic diets for some reason.  In the article, Mercola advocates for eating a high fat diet and regularly putting oneself into a state of ketosis.  Mercola claims this will promote longevity and “boost mitochondrial function.” It’s true that a properly done ketogenic…

54% of American Kids Have A Diagnosed Chronic Illness

Here’s the stats breakdown.  Pretty shocking stats. Beth Lambert discusses the state of chronic illness among children in America today. Some researchers are projecting that autism will impact 1 in 2 kids, 80% of boys, by 2025.  If we go by more modest models looking at the 13% growth rate of autism and projecting it…

Debunking What The Health Nonsense Debunkers

Michael Vacanti’s comments in the video seem pretty representative of the people who review What The Health, so I figured I’d make a response post to him.  My comments below debunk his comments in the video point by point. 1. It’s not just observational studies in terms of meat causing cancer. N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) is a potent…

Paris Air Show 2017: The Surefly Personal Helicopter

Bout damn time someone did this.  I’m still confused why it’s taken so long and why this tiny company is the only player moving to market.  Under $200,000, and their trying to get the FAA to approve a special permit that will not require a full Private Pilot license to operate it.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson on Post-Modernism

A half hour of non-stop rapid fire blasting of truth bombs.  I don’t always agree with what Dr. Peterson has to say, but this lecture is a real winner.  Totally worth listening to.

In the first 10 minutes, his logical skewering of the foundations of Marxism is probably one of the best arguments I’ve ever heard in my life; they are very praxeological in nature, and delivered better and more convincingly than Rothbard or Mises in terms of style points.